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What will medical or health professions schools usually look for in your application?

1. Academic Achievement (excellent grades and entrance test scores, rigorous course load)

2. Community Service (demonstrate empathy and concern for others) in a nonmedical setting.

3. Medical/Clinical experience to better understand what is involved in taking care of patients.

4. Shadow - develop understanding of patient/doctor relationship (recommend primary care)

5. Research

Starting In Your First and Second Year
  • Begin taking pre-health courses
  • Join the AED mailing list so that you remain informed of pre-health announcements
  • Join pre-health organizations (AED, Pre-Pharmacy Club, Pre-PA Club & PTOTC) and attend the meetings.


  • Focus on doing well in all your courses but especially in BCPM courses (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics)
  • If you experience academic problems get help immediately. Contact your instructor or your academic advisor; attend S.I. sessions, Study Partners, the Drop-In Center or arrange for a tutor.
  • Meet with Mrs. Katy Crider - Pre-Health Counseling Specialist at least once a year (SCC rm. 239): 
  • Develop relationships with your instructors. They can help you do well in your courses but you will also need some to write recommendations when you begin applying.
  • Begin taking practice tests for professional school entrance tests.
  • Check with the professional schools which interest you and check on their requirements regarding rerequisite courses and policies about AP credit.


  • Work in community service. Volunteer. Lead.
  • Join and become active in one of the pre-health organizations.
  • Look for clinical experiences where you can work directly with patients. You want to see what health care is like from the patient's perspective.
  • Look for clinical experiences where you shadow a health professional. You want to become familiar with the challenges, rewards and lifestyle of the professions which are of interest to you. 
  • Look for research experience, Study Abroad opprotunities, summer enrichment experiences. 
Helpful Links and Info - Pre-Health Website

Plan to meet with Mrs. Beverley Childress - Director of Pre-Health Programs - in your junior year (or after you've completed Organic Chemistry II) Unless you are planning a Gap year you will begin the application process approximately 18 months prior to applying. Medical, Dental and Optometry applicants should plan to use PPAC if you meet the criteria. Keep a log of all your shadowing and community service hours. Include place, person, dates and total hours for each activity. Reflect on the experience and record what you learned. To keep informed and receive pre-health information join the Listserve - 

Helpful Links:

Centralized Application Services:

  • AAMCAS - Allopathic Medical School
  • AACOMAS - Osteopathetic Medical School
  • TMDSAS - Texas Medical & Dental 
  • OptomCAS - Optometry 
  • AADSAS - Dental School
  • PharmCAS - Pharmacy
  • CASPA - Physician Assistant
  • PTCAS - Physical Therapy
  • OTCAS - Occupational Therapy
  • AACPMAS - Podiatry

Entrance Tests:

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