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Summer Research & Internship Opportunities 

Why do I need to do Research or Intern?
The opportunity to do Research or Intern will provide you with valuable skills and experiences in your field of interest. These skills and experiences will give you a major advantage when searching for a job or trying to get into professional school. This opportunity will also provide you with insight about whether or not a particular field is for you.

Important Information
Be aware of deadlines! Most Summer Research and Internship applications have deadlines. If you are considering applying for one make sure you know when the application has to be returned. Typically, most deadlines are between January and March. Also, note that some Research and Internship Opportunities may ask candidates to submit a resume and /or interview before they are accepted or hired.

Other Resources
Below is a list of other resource areas that you should use when searching for
Summer Research and Internship Opportunities.

You should also check with your Academic Department
for any information they have received about summer opportunities.

The Auburn University Career Center is available to assist you with preparing your resume, interviewing skills, and locating more information on research and internship opportunities

 is website that allows you to search for internships and post your resume for employers to view.

National Science Foundation  has a web site that provides information on Research Experiences for Undergraduate Programs  

Click on your Academic Area to see what opportunities are available for you!

Last Updated: 06/22/2016