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May 20, 2006


We’d all like to salute and honor the kitchen staff who stood up and cooked without complaint or failing when the rest of us couldn’t even stand up, through all of the past 3 days’ rough seas. You truly are heroes in our lives.

Things to do when there’s no science to do. It’s still too rough to either hunt for or process fresh materials. It’s too treacherous to stand and do anything or sit and do anything, so we mostly sit and do …very little.

Here’s a list of things some of the people on board did today after the 6 a.m. fire drill, that is (just a bacon grease episode not that it interrupted any sleep!):

Rudi wrote in my journal “A Curious Man” (he tells me the title has a double meaning); looked at Drake data (temp, current, trajectory and velocity) comparing this cruise to past ones; no moss grows on Rudi.

Unnamed Scientist in Authority ‘Get out of my way, I can’t see the TV!’

Susie B. cleaned a bathroom; planned syllabus for next year; finished a book; took a nap; wrote in journal; oh, yes, and found a solution to world hunger…

Steve R. computer game, studied Spanish, took pictures of Jack carving a penguin out of ebony.

Jack chiseled on his penguin

Janis “Wha’? Huh?? ZZZZZzzzzzzzz”

Ellen tried to figure out how to get me a pair of ruby slippers; checked out the office supplies closet; XBT watch; movies

Pam read a chapter in a scientific paper; read book, and NY Times summary on web; movies

Nicole read, watched a couple of (dozen) movies

Max watched movies and the XBT monitor collecting data

Rebecca XBT watch; movies

Steve A. read some of computer Marine Science Tech manual; surveyed labs, checked their refrigerators (made sure they were all working, with no one
using them lately)

Rhian read: finished one book and started another; slept; movie; XBT watch (4am-8am!!)

Chris slept; read; tried to find someone with worse looking hair than his (the bunks do this to you)

Nerida knit and re-knit the same row of the hat she’s making her first knitting project!! (“P.S. - I need 2 more days of no-science to get through this row!”)

Alexis pretty much an all movie day

Jen ‘Did my hair. Ooops, no, I’m wrong about that”; movie; discussed science and future proposals; slept (through most of the aforementioned)

Jon C. Read; watched a little movies

Diego slept; read history books; movies; planned science proposals

Morris same as science-able days (wearing shorts, resting up for getting off at Palmer)

Toby practiced my guitar and mandolin

Alex knit; email

Jon A. read ‘Marley and Me’

Mate (anonymous) ‘Got to change course today!!’

Back to the Science
Soon, Pleeeeeeeeeze, soooooon!!

So, don't hesitate to email questions to us at



S°62 25.097’ W62° 28.348’


Wind: SW at 27kn
Air Temp: -3.2°C Wind Chill: -22.3°C



Chicken, roast pork, spinach, stewed tomatoes; Sloppy Joes
(whose genius was this item??), empanadas, french fries, brussels sprouts,
rice, salad …and cookies!



Our course as we turn towards Smith Island/Snow Island passage
(See the little red boat just above the islands? We were 27 miles away there.)

Joe gets to make that Course Change!!!


Who’s bored now????


To Nick from Nerida


It’s be-gin-ning to look a lot like….Ant-ARC-tica!
Ice on the foredeck, and it’s snowing, 5/20