Fusion Energy Research at Auburn University

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CTH Resources 

CTH Vacuum Status - Shows the status of the CTH vacuum system

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External Resources

MDSPlus - The CTH groups uses MDSPlus software for data acquisition, storage and management of complex scientific data.

MDSPlus manuals - This is a link to a page with older, but good information

VMECwiki -  User documentation for various equilibrium magnetic confinement fusion codes including VMEC

NIMROD: Non-Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics with Rotation, Open Discussion

FIRE - Fusion news and information

Fusionwiki - Fusion information

GDL - Gnu Data Language


Stellarator Devices

H-1NF - A heliac at the Australian National University

HIDRA - The Hybrid Illinois Device for Research and Applications

HSX - The Helically Symmetric Experiment at the University of Wisconsin 

LHD - The Large Helical Device at NIFS in Toki, Japan

TJ-II - at the National Fusion Laboratory of Spain

UST_1 - Vying Fusion Energy - Spain

W7-X - The Wendelstein 7-X stellarator at the Greifswald branch of IPP in Germany


Other Stellarator Links

Stellarator News - http://web.ornl.gov/info/stelnews/stelnews.html from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Stellarator Wikipedia