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Testimonial from AMSTI Math Teacher:

AMSTI changed my entire teaching career and passion for teaching. I went from an average teacher to an excelling teacher. How??? Easy, I committed to change and the rest was history. The engagement and rigor were enough to savor, but higher scores were an added bonus. If I could changed anything, it would only be to have made the AMSTI commitment sooner! Alicia Whitlock Airport Road School 4th Grade

AMSTI Poem, written by John Higginbotham, 5th Grade Teacher at South Smiths Station Elementary School:

AMSTI Math (please click to see the entire poem)

Bob Riley (Governor of Alabama 2003-2011):

"We will expand AMSTI to every school in the state, revolutionizing our students' math and science education and preparing them for the future."

Cynthia P. Meals, Asst. Principal at Beauregard Elementary School, Lee County School System:

Ms. Hickman, I want to share with a few comments our K-4th grade teachers made about the workshop/training Terri Rubio and Pam conducted with our teachers this week. It received wonderful reviews from teachers...they even desire MORE! Most importantly, they are excited about becoming an AMSTI school when the opportunity arises in the future. We were so fortunate to learn from their expertise!

Teacher #1: I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the presentation. I am already using many of those strategies in my classroom and have been for quite a while, but I'm always open for new suggestions. I actually came back to my class after lunch and implemented a few things from the workshop and was very pleased with the results. I think additional sessions would be wonderful in the future, especially in two-hour blocks during the school day. On another note, I really admired the way Mrs. Rubio talked to us about AMSTI being in our future and the effects it would have on our current programs. She was very straight forward with the facts. I have seen a lot of resistance to using anything other than Saxon Math at this school. I thought the third grade teachers were open minded about accepting AMSTI in a few years.

Teacher #2: Absolutely loved it! Yes, I would love additional sessions. However, I would LOVE to have ½ -1 day to work together as a grade level or individually to make the resources to implement what we learned today! Place value is the foundation to math! It was a very hands on session today and all enjoyed!

Teacher #3: It was great! I think we really learned a lot. I would like to have more time next time so we can use part of the workshop to "make and take" some of the ideas. Finding time to make things is always hard! I would love more sessions next year!

Teacher, Elmore County School System:

Kristy, Thank you so very much for coming to model the lesson on integers. What excitement, enthusiasm, team play, motivation, and student engagement I saw throughout the day with all the students in my classes. Thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule to model this lesson. I am very grateful. You are excellent in what you do in the field of mathematics. God Bless! P. S. I look forward to your coming back on November 18th, to model a lesson on Linear Equations.

Last Updated: 07/09/2018