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Auburn University STEM-IQ

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Inquiry for Enhancing Science Education in Southeastern Alabama

What is "STEM-IQ"?

The objective of STEM-IQ, a National Science Foundation funded initiative, is to advance teachers' motivation and ability to lead science fair projects and to test the hypothesis that improving science fair participation will enhance teachers' ability to lead scientific inquiry and enhance the quality and diversity of the STEM pipeline in Alabama. Specifically, we aim to develop a professional learning community that links Auburn University STEM faculty with 6th-12th grade students, teachers and administrators, facilitated through the Auburn University College of Sciences and Mathematics Outreach Center. We will use existing science fair infrastructures as a framework to provide teacher professional development and enhance the STEM pipeline for students from Southeastern Alabama.


  1. To establish a network of STEM teachers and area administrators that advocate for students to engage in research experiences and give teachers the tools they need for classroom implementation. To develop a culture of participation in science and engineering fairs in Southeastern Alabama.
  2. To increase the number of students from underrepresented groups in rural Alabama participating in high quality, meaningful science and engineering research projects.
  3. To increase positive student attitudes towards STEM through interactions with university research mentors who serve as role models for the students.
  4. To build a sustainable relationship between Auburn University and regional public schools.


The project will bridge faculty experts in STEM fields with secondary school administrators and teachers through the use of existing science fair infrastructure as a vehicle for engagement. This will be facilitated by meeting the following objectives:

  1. Forming vertically aligned teacher-administrator support networks in Southeast Alabama
  2. Providing introductory professional development workshops for teachers that will cover a range of topics on developing a quality science project and hosting a local science fair
  3. Providing advanced professional development in data analysis and presentation
  4. Providing teachers and administrators with the sustainable resources for hosting their own local science and engineering fairs, including guidance in fair logistics and judging expertise
  5. Hosting a campus visitation day for teachers and students at Auburn University, during which University STEM faculty will provide expert guidance for developing science and engineering projects
  6. Connecting teachers and students with role models that demonstrate the viability of a science or engineering related career

Last Updated: 09/01/2016