Troy Best
Troy L. Best
Professor and Curator of Mammals

Vertebrate Ecology, Systematics, Mammalogy,

Ornithology, Herpetology, Endangered Species

OFFICE: 350 Funchess Hall

PHONE: 334/844-9260

FAX: 334/844-9234


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The primary focus of my research is on the ecology and systematics of vertebrates.  I have conducted extensive field work in the southwestern United States and Mexico, primarily related to ecology and systematic studies of bats, heteromyid rodents, and other desert species.  For the past 15 years, my research also has included studies of the ecology of birds and reptiles in New Mexico, and the ecology of bats in Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.

In collaboration with M. J. Harvey (Tennessee Technological University) and J. S. Altenbach (University of New Mexico), we produced three full-color, 24 by 36-inch posters on bats for distribution to the general public by private, state, and federal organizations throughout the United States (Bats of Alabama, Bats of the Eastern United States, and Bats of the Western United States). These posters contain photographs of 45 species of bats that occur in the United States (photos are by J. S. Altenbach) and the back side of each poster has information including distribution, ecology, reproductive biology, and behavior of each species shown on the front. About 200,000 copies are being distributed by sponsoring organizations.

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