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Summer 2019 Research Experience for Undergraduates

Auburn University NSF REU Site in Computational Biology

Auburn University offers a summer research experience for undergraduates interested in genomics, computational biology and bioinformatics. Participants will receive training in various aspects of genomic data analysis and join a faculty mentor's lab to explore diverse biological questions with computational approaches. Students will receive a generous weekly stipend ($550) and additional funds for research, travel, and room and board. The program runs from May 20 to July 19, 2019. 

How to Apply.

1. Complete the online application form HERE and the following by January 31st, 2019.

2. Compose a 2-3 page personal statement that addresses your scientific interests, recent professional experience and career goals. Discuss your specific interest in Auburn's REU program, computational biology and the research of potential faculty mentors. Successful applicants typically provide a detailed rationale of why they would like to work with various mentors.

3. Obtain a digital copy of your academic transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable). Format transcript and personal statement into a single PDF using your last name and initials for the filename e.g. Simpson_RT.pdf and attach as instructed in the application form. 

4. Arrange for a letter of recommendation from an individual such as a faculty advisor at your home institution or a mentor from previous research experience. Referees should send their letters directly to

Auburn Faculty Mentors' research interests and web pages:

Laurie Stevison — evolutionary genetics, primate genomics, evolution of recombination rate

Rita Graze — functional genomics, quantitative genetics

Ken Halanych — invertebrate biodiversity, genomics and phylogeny

Scott McElroy — plant genomics

Eric Peatman — aquatic genetics and genomics

Mark Liles — environmental microbiology and metagenomics

Tonia Schwartz — evolution of regulatory networks, functional genomics

Jeff Coleman — fungal genomics, chromosome evolution

Nancy Merner — human disease genetics and gene discovery, cancer genomics

Nannan Liu — insect genomics, genetics and evolution of pesticide resistance

Jamie Oaks - computational phylogenetics and evolution

Xu Wang - Epigenomics, development, cancer biology. 

Last Updated: 10/31/2018