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Minutes from November 18, 2011

APCA group November 2011

APCA Meeting Minutes November 18, 2011
Held at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center, Birmingham
Recorded by Patrick Thompson and Rebecca Godwin


  • Cindy Pinger, Bird Curator Birmingham Zoo
  • Ryan Shurette, Forest Service
  • Jennifer Sanders, Birmingham Botanic Gardens -Plant Adventures
  • Nick Bieser, Ruffner Mtn
  • Taylor Still, BBG-volunteer coordinator
  • Chuck Byrd, TNC Land Steward
  • Nancy Loewenstein, AU forestry/ ALIPC
  • Dan Everson, US Fish and Wildlife
  • Rachel Young, Huntsville area Wildflower enthusiast and willing volunteer
  • Linda Sherk, Blanche Dean Chapter AL Wildflower Society
  • Nancy & Richard Cobb, AL Wildflower Society
  • Dana Stone, AL Forestry Commission
  • John Manion, BBG- Curator Kaul Wildflower Garden
  • Rebecca Godwin, Carnivorous plant researcher
  • Teri Briggs, AU Davis Arboretum
  • Keith Tassin, TNC Land Steward
  • Wayne Barger, Forever Wild Botanist
  • Patrick Thompson, AU Davis Arboretum
  • Kyle and Nathan Paris, AU Botany Grad Students
  • Michelle Reynolds, Ruffner Mtn
  • Fred Spicer, Director BBG

Boyd Opening Comments: 

  1. This is meeting number 7 held at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center
  2. A 1-hr breakout session on the APCA was presented by Boyd, Thompson, and Smith at the Central South Native Plant Conference held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Nov. 5.
  3. Check out our APCA website! Address is
  4. Reminder to promote awareness of Forever Wild which has conserved over 220,000 acres of crucial habitat in AL.  It’s up for a re-vote in Nov. 2012. Visit

Project Reports

Wayne Barger:
Sarracenia oreophila occurs in a total of 35 sites in 3 states.  Many sites extirpated.
10 clusters across AL, 1 in GA, 2 in NC.  
Serenity Campground seedlings safeguarded at Davis Arboretum and ABG.  Arb specimens recently installed in Mountain Bog exhibit.
TNC plans to burn Boaz, Centre, and Coosa sites this year.  Volunteers removed hardwoods at Boaz site w/ Chuck Byrd.

Matalea alabamensis 
Dale Co. holotype population not definite ID, not fruiting
3 distinct populations located

  1. Shorterville lots of flowers no fruit, several small plants in population specimens, being safeguarded at Davis Arboretum, 
  2. No flowers or fruit seen this year
  3. Whetstone Falls site plants thought to be seen by Al Schotz 15 years ago. Plants found in fruit.

2 more potential sites in Henry Co. 35 – 40 plants.

Hellanthus verticillatus
Cherokee CO. AL, Floyd CO. GA, and recently rediscovered in 2 TN counties
2nd AL site located!
Plants seem to be in deterioration in situ – fewer than 5 flowering heads this year after 300 being recorded in 2009. 
AL seed distributed last year to BBG, Davis Arb, and others with fantastic results.  
Ex situ plants seemingly hardy and fecund – what’s the problem?

Other species receiving seed collecting efforts from Wayne:

  1. Jamesianthus alabamensis
  2. Rudbeckia auriculata
  3. Penstemon multiflorus
  4. Asplenium tutwilerae
  5. Phlox pulchra
  6. Warea sessiflora
  7. Asclepias cinerea

Also tracking Berberis canadensis, believed to be extirpated in AL

Patrick Thompson:
Quercus boyntonii 
Only endemic tree, occurs in several North AL counties
Trees observed in Moss Rock Preserve (MRP) this year aborted acorns before maturity
Large individuals found on Shades Mt.
Specimens from Hind’s Rock and MRP planted at Davis Arb. this year. 

Other business from Patrick:
Photos shown of Pond berry planted in bog display at Davis Arb.(DA) and Georgia Aster Blooming in Davis Arb.  collection
Xerphyllum asphodeloides (Jan Midgley sent an update)
Known from Cleburne county site, also reported from Calhoun County. Short group discussion suggests that seed collection should be attempted from other AL sites. 
Seeds at DA and ABG, no germ to date.  
Jan has best success out of our group, but lost ½ over the summer: she has some small plants and ABG has some done from tissue culture by Jerry Pullman of GA Tech.

Keith Tassin:
Sarracenia alabamensis
12 sites, 3 large populations
1 on easement, 1 protected (TNC Roberta Case Preserve), 1 semi-protected (Camp Tuckabatchee)

Tuckabatchee site:
50 plants added 2009
Burn Winter 2010, 3 flowers in spring
2011 May, 80% survived at interpretive site
Natural site very overgrown, plants present with flowers.  Plan to burn.
Reproduction by seed not seen in most locations, but noted at original Tuckabatchee site this spring.

John Manion:
Asplenium tutwilerae 
Single population in Hale Co. 160 plants counted last year
Fertile hybrid of A. rhizophyllum and A. platyneuron

Series of photos show:Spores collected (Wayne Barger)
Planted on Bold’s medium.  Feb. 21, 2011 
Baby ferns growing on plates
Divided into individual containers …………….. brought to meeting.
Success to adulthood an issue

Discovered that Reed Investment Company owns Havana Glen. 
John and Wayne to discuss possibility of becoming a Forever Wild Property.

Other business from John:
Word of encouragement for activity on APCA and Forever Wild FB page, post plant pics, discuss ideas, etc. to get other FB’ers involved.  Has been a great tool for BBG.
New APCA logo and tagline (suggested to be: "Working together to study and conserve Alabama’s special plants and their habitats”) presented, followed by short discussion, both to be emailed to the group for further comments. 
Certificate in Native Plant Studies  - super successful.  256 spaces filled!
BBG 25’ x 12’ bog begun


Reconvene after lunch: more project reports.

Bob Boyd:  
X. tennesseensis survey/project completed
X. spathifolia (AL endemic)  
Seems to be extirpated at only known site- Bibb Co. 
Currently safeguarded by Mincy Moffett, ABG, DA.  
Losses reported at DA and Chattahootchee Valley Nature Center.
Week ago got permission to visit extirpated site (going tomorrow!)
Keith offered possibility of TNC sites for safeguarding.

Ryan Shurette:
Symphyotrichum georgianum 
Talladega National Forest.  Been managed by thinning, mowing, herbicide, etc since 2001.  Seed collection 2010….Amy Wright doing propagation ~ 500 outplanted.  Area thinned (outplantings flagged). Selective herbicide (0.5% imazapyr) for hardwood control doesn’t bother Georgia Aster.
Range – inside genetic survey.  Tissue samples taken ~2800 individuals through Jenny Sanders- ABG.

Other business from Ryan:
Potential future projects through the Forest Service
Sarracenia rubra subsp. wherryiCypripedium kentuckiense,Phemeranthus (formerly Talinummengesii, Leavenworthia crassa

Dan Everson:
Lindera melissifolia 
2 locations in Opp, private timberland, amenable to management.  Growing in ABG and DA.  Laurel wilt issue.  Latest research shows generally beetle not attracted to small stems.  Scott Wiggers at USFWS Mississippi Office writing 5 year review of plant.
Dana said Laurel wilt confirmed in Mobile Co. attacking redbay saplings and Marengo Co. on Sassafras

Other business from Dan:
Court settlement between Center for Biological Biodiversity and USFWS – 400 Species petitioned to be Federally listed, could add 28 AL plant species.  Information gathered by APCA  members should help prove or disprove the rarity of these petitioned plant species. 
Dana mentioned that AL Forestry Comm. Website has info
Send any Federal questions to Dan.

If you have rare plant location info get it to Al Schotz. Want to know a plant’s rarity? Check the Natural Heritage Tracking list

Nancy Loewenstein:
Haines Island Invasive Plant Removal and Floristic Inventory 
June 24, 2011 most recent workday ALIPC/APCA was very effective.  Plant species list still growing.
Looking for next place for invasive plant removal. 
During Moss Rock foray, MRP was discussed as the possible next site.

Fred Spicer:
Developing plant list for Moss Rock.  
Rough draft, awaiting confirmation/proofing.
Several species added and confirmed during the following day’s foray.

New Projects:
N. AL project? Hart’s tongue fern, orchids, leavenworthia?
John suggests formalized efforts in safeguarding and Botanical Guardians
Patrick volunteers to be Chair of Safeguarding Committee, John Co-Chair, Linda Sherk joins committee, Ron Determann nominated to be on the committee, --awaiting acceptance of nomination

Next Mtg?
5 Rivers Facility – Spanish Fort – Mobile
Later May?

Richard Cobb offers access to Roland Harper’s Collection records if anyone is interested.  Contact him 
Meeting adjourned and brief walking tour of Ruffner Mountain

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