Requesting the President

Office of the President Event Request Criteria and Deadlines

When requesting the President, the Event Request Form must be submitted 60-90 days prior to your event. Please read the guidelines. No event will be approved prior to six months from the event.

Before you request the President or Mrs. Gogue to host an event, consider the following criteria and be prepared to discuss with your vice president, dean or director:

  • What university objective does their involvement achieve?
  • Does this represent the best use of their time?
  • Do the size and composition of the audience create a strategic opportunity to deliver a particular message? (Does the activity provide broad exposure to an important audience?)

Are there other Auburn leaders who could fulfill this role?

If the President or Mrs. Gogue will deliver prepared remarks at your event, ample advance notice is required for remarks to be written and approved.

  • Program focus or theme
  • Specific points or messages to be included
  • Who will provide the introduction for the President or Mrs. Gogue
  • The length of time the President will speak
  • Whether there will be a question and answer session at the end of the remarks

(Most events at the President's Home are social in nature and require no programming.)

If any of the following that are applicable and available at the time of your request, please emailed them to after you have received approval for your event.

Tentative program

Draft printed materials (copy of invitations)

Brief biographical information about dignitaries involved/List of guests who will be profiled by Development Research & Records (8-12 for a large scale event)

You will be notified by the Office of Special Events if your request for the President or Mrs. Gogue is approved. Please allow at least two weeks for your request to be processed.

Last Updated: September 14, 2015