Transportation and Parking

Tiger Transit operates transit services for Auburn students, faculty, and staff. Check the transit's website for more information on routes and schedules. Note that students are not charged a fee for on- or off-campus transit. Faculty and staff are not charged for on-campus transit, but must purchase a pass for off-campus transit.

Tiger Transit offers game-day shuttles to campus from various locations in Auburn and Opelika. Please check their website for more details.

Tiger Transit also offers a charter service. A minimum of three hours is required, and fees are charged for the service.

Please check with the Tiger Transit website, or call (334) 844-4757 for more information on their services.

Parking Services is responsible for implementation and enforcement of parking rules and regulations. Please consult the Auburn University traffic and parking regulations for more information on parking at Auburn. You should be concerned about the time of your event and how parking enforcement could affect your attendees. It is a good idea to suggest parking locations in any information that you distribute about your event.

A parking map is available with locations of all parking zones on campus.

All visitors to Auburn's campus must have a visitor's parking pass. These passes can be obtained from Parking Services' office, temporarily located in a trailer at the west end of Allison Physics Labs at 381 Roosevelt Street.

Please check Parking Services' website, or call (334) 844-4143 for more information on their services.

If you are planning to have a large number of participants at your event, or if you know that parking and traffic will be an issue, it may be beneficial to hire outside security to direct traffic and parking or to have Auburn police officers available. Your event should not disrupt normal traffic and activities on campus.