Trademark Management and Licensing

Auburn University's Office of Trademark Management and Licensing regulates, promotes, and protects the use of the university's name and identifying marks, both on and off campus. Auburn's federally registered trademarks include the following words, slogans, and logos: "Auburn," "Auburn University," "Auburn Tigers," university seal, Samford Hall tower, "War Eagle," interlocking "AU," and the tiger eyes logo. Use of the combined letters "AU;" Aubie's name and likeness; and any other design, symbol, drawing, seal, word, or group of words that have come to be associated with the university also require licensing. Any design that the public may consider an Auburn trademark is an infringement on the university's trademark rights if it is not properly licensed or approved.

Only student organizations that are officially recognized by the SGA are allowed to use Auburn trademarks in conjunction with their organization's name. Products bearing the trademark of Auburn University can be produced only by companies that are licensed to do so. To order student organization T-shirts or other products, simply send or take your design to one of these approved companies, and the company will obtain design approval from the university.

By ensuring that products bearing university marks are of quality and good taste, we further promote Auburn's reputation as one of the nation's finest universities. For a list of local licensees, a complete list of licensed manufactures, or for more information concerning the university's trademark-licensing policy, please visit

Last Updated: September 21, 2015