Signage and Publicity Regulations

The university recognizes and supports the rights of students, employees of all categories, and visitors to promote and advertise in a lawful manner in designated areas of campus. In order to maintain campus safety, security, and order; ensure appropriate scheduling and use of facilities; and preclude conflicts with academic and co-curricular activities, Auburn reserves the reasonable right to limit such activities with regard to time, place, and manner.

Click here to view the university's policy on advertising and distribution.

In addition:

  • All publicity materials should clearly identify the sponsor.
  • Advertising may not occur until the location for the event has been confirmed and the event has been approved.
  • Materials may not promote alcohol or drunkenness as the focus of the event.
  • Posters may be placed only on bulletin boards or other spaces provided for that purpose.
  • No materials may be posted on top of another. Materials that have clearly expired may be removed. Otherwise, the removal of any valid advertising materials by anyone other than an authorized university personnel is prohibited.
  • Posters may not be attached to doors, walls, window, gates, sidewalks, benches, or other places not designated for poster-placement.
  • Groups may not chalk or paint university property (including sidewalks).

Last Updated: September 21, 2015