Identify Your Resources

Before you begin planning, you should know what is available to you.

Staff and Volunteers

  • If you only have one additional person to help you, you probably can't organize a 250-person event. Knowing how many volunteers you are likely to have at your event can help you appropriately plan your event.

Budget and Finances

  • Some spaces on campus require a usage fee and/or deposit. Additional fees may also apply for the use of audio-visual equipment, chairs, tables, promotional materials, and more. You'll need to know your budget in advance. For example, large events will typically require outside security or City of Auburn police officers; if you don't have funding to cover this cost, you should plan a smaller event.


  • If money is tight, seek co-sponsorship. With so many departments and organizations on campus, there is likely going to be another group that has interest in your event and may become a co-sponsor. You may have to give up some control of the event, but it will be worth the collaboration and additional funding.

Performers and Vendors

  • Payment and Procurement Services has contract-signature authority for a variety of contracts. This is the case for most documents that typically result in some financial obligation or consequence for the university. Other than a specific, delegated signature authority, no individual has the authority to contractually commit Auburn to goods and services, leased space, sponsored agreements, and other types of agreements.

Read each part of the contracts carefully. Paying attention to the details of a contract can save you money and headaches down the road. The contract should clearly state your obligation to the vendor and its obligation to you.

Student organizations should process their contracts through the Office of Student Involvement. Faculty and staff should process contracts through their departments. Deans and department heads can contact the general counsel's office for assistance. Risk management & insurance can review contracts for liability and insurance-related matters.

Remember that under most circumstances, vendors will need to register with the university before receiving payment. Vendors should be referred to the AU Vendor Center for more information and to register with the university.

Last Updated: September 18, 2015