Selecting a Date and Time

Availability of space will often impact your ability to plan an event. Below are some other factors to consider

1. Date Considerations

It is always a good idea to start by consulting the university's and surrounding communities' calendars, including religious calendars, for scheduling conflicts:

While not required, it is good to check the university calendar for other events that may conflict with your event. You should also post your event as early as possible so that others will know about it when scheduling.

You should also keep the following major events in mind:

2. Time Considerations

  • Building Hours: Please keep in mind that not all buildings are always open. While it may be possible to arrange to have a building opened, there may be additional security concerns.
  • Quiet Hours (in and near CDV and residence hall): Students in campus housing have a right to reasonable peace and quiet during normal hours of rest. Click here to access the outdoor sound policy. You may need to consult Housing and Residence Life by visiting Burton Hall or by calling (334) 844-4580.
  • Outdoor Concerts and Similar Events: Please refer to section III-A for more information.
  • Setup and cleanup: Be sure to reserve the time required by others, such as Facilities, to set up and clean up before and after your event. Please remember to offer recycling opportunities. You can obtain additional information concerning the university's recycling program at or by calling (334)844-9461.

Last Updated: September 18, 2015