Political Activities

Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Administrative officers, faculty, students, and staff of the university are free to express individual and collective political views provided they understand and make clear they are not speaking for or in the name of the university.

Neither the university name, the name of any university entity supported in part or in whole by university funds, or the university insignia or logos may appear on stationery or any other material used or intended for political purposes.

Faculty and staff should refer to page 38 of the University Staff Handbook for more information.

Students should refer to page 36 of the Tiger Cub for more information.

Candidates and Campaigning:

A campus appearance of a candidate for public office should be for an educational or informational talk to the university community and must be sponsored by a recognized university organization. Student organizations must secure approval for such appearances from the ­­­­­EMC at least two weeks in advance.

Candidate campaigning (solicitation), including leaflet distribution and display of signs is allowed with prior university permission.

Use of University Facilities and Resources:

Without prior university approval, university facilities and services may not be used by or on behalf of an outside organization or outside individual whose purpose is to further the cause of a candidate or political party.

Campus organizations and departments may use campus communications to announce political forums and discussions sponsored by officially constituted campus groups but may not use campus communications—including those provided by Auburn's postal service, phone system, or computer network—for partisan political activity.

All on-campus political activities, services, and materials must be paid for with non-university funds.

All use of university properties are subject to university policies regarding time, place, and manner.


Funds or contributions for political candidates or campaigns may not under any circumstances be solicited in the name of the university. University resources may not be used in soliciting such funds. If Auburn students, faculty, or staff make political contributions, they must do so as individuals and not on behalf of Auburn.

Last Updated: September 18, 2015