Creative Commons

Creative Commons Creative Commons is a non-profit organization created to help increase creative works for others to add to and legally use. Rather than having an "all rights reserved" copyright, Creative Commons licenses create "some rights reserved" copyrights. An example of a product from a Creative Commons license is Wikipedia. Creative Commons helps to add materials to the public domain to create a broader amount of resources for others to use without risk of violating copyright law. These licenses help creators keep their copyright, publish their work online, but specify what others can and cannot do with their work.

There are six types of licenses available through Creative Commons. The first is an Attribution License. This license allows others to alter someone's work as long as they credit the original creator. The original work may be changed and distributed commercially or non-commercially. The next is an Attribution Share Alike License. This license works the same way as the first, except that any new resulting creations must be licensed in the same way as the first. This functions much like an open source software license. An Attribution No Derivatives License means that a work can be redistributed by another person or organization as long as it remains unchanged and credit is given to the original creator. An Attribution Non-Commercial License means that others can alter an original work, as long as it will not be used commercially. The original creator must still be acknowledged. An Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license is a combination of a few other licenses. Others may alter original work so long as it is not used commercially, and all new resulting works must be licensed in the same manner as the original. Again, the original creator must be given credit. Finally, there is the Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives License. This license is the most restrictive in that it only allows others to use original works non-commercially while giving credit to the original author. No changes may be made to the original creation. Creative Commons licenses are available for free. More information about licensing and using licensed materials can be found at
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