Game Addiction

In recent years, there have been complaints by parents that their child is suffering from video game addiction. They see their child playing games like World of War Craft for hours on end, while their school work and offline social life suffer. Video game addiction has been compared to serious compulsions such as alcoholism, and is even believed to have been responsible for suicides (Tanner, 2007). With the diagnosis of this new addiction on the rise, is it wise for schools to incorporate video games in the classroom?

Discussion: The following article and video discuss the causes and symptoms of internet addiction. After reading the article, discuss the questions below. (interviews with gamers and those who were formally addicted)

  1. What are the symptoms/ warning signs of video game addiction?
  2. What should you do if you notice a child exhibiting the warning signs? Does your school have a policy regarding video game addiction?
  3. How might a student's video game addiction interfere with your classroom?
  4. Do you think it is appropriate for schools to include (commercial and/or educational) video games in the classroom if it can help lead some students to compulsive behaviors?
  5. Do you think video game addiction is a legitimate disorder or is it simply that these addicts lack adequate adult supervision?


  • Monitor student behavior. Watch for warning signs such as declining grades, belligerence, depression, etc.
  • If you suspect a child is suffering from video game addiction, consult your school counselor.
  • Communicate with and educate parents on the hazards of playing video games for long periods of time. Advise them to set limits on how long a child can play and to encourage to include other activities in the child's life (e.g., sports, music, clubs, etc.). Let them know that it is important to seek outside, professional help (i.e., contact a therapist who deals with video game addiction).

- Tanner, L. (2007, June 22). Is video-game addiction a mental disorder? MSNBC. Retrieved

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