War Eagle and Welcome! This page is designed to keep our School Counselors up-to-date on Auburn’s latest admissions information. Here you will find links to Student Application system, Our Admissions Advisors look forward to meeting you during visits to your schools and college fairs. If we can be of assistance, please use our Find Your Advisor page to view your Admissions Advisor's contact information.

Counselor Portal (

What is is a free tool for school counselors, independent counselors, and community-based organizations to check on student statuses in the admissions cycle.

How does Auburn University use
Our hope is will be a helpful tool for you to track your applicant's status and receive notice of their decisions.
How do I register?
Visit and select Register in the main toolbar.
How do permissions work?
One member of your school will be designated to manage permissions. Click here for an overview on how to get started.

Counselor Valedictorian and Salutatorian Verification

Starting for Fall 2021, Auburn University is automatically accepting Valedictorians and Salutatorians of any accredited Alabama high school with 50 or more graduates. These students will also be invited to join Auburn's Honor College. To verify a student's rank please fill out this form.
Last updated: 12/11/2020