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Auburn is test-flexible for summer and fall 2021. Freshman admission is based on a holistic review, consisting of an evaluation of core classes, high school grade point average, answers to short answer questions and one of the following supplemental documents: a graded writing assignment, ACT or SAT score report, expanded resume or AP or IB score report. There are two options for applying to Auburn University. There is no preference given to either application, so choose the application you are most comfortable with. We highly encourage you to submit the application you initially start; filling out both applications could cause confusion and information not matching correctly on your applicant file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A completed application file includes an admissions application, an application fee or fee waiver, a copy of your high school transcript and one of the following: a graded writing assignment, ACT or SAT score report, an expanded resume or an IB/AP score report. Make sure you have your high school transcript and your supplemental document ready so you can upload it in the admissions application. If you are submitting a fee waiver, you can also upload it in the admissions application. If you are requesting academic letters of recommendation on your application, the recommenders Full name and their email address will be needed while filling out the application. You will only be able to request these while filling out the application.
Applicants who are eligible for an ACT/SAT waiver, NACAC fee waiver or free or reduced lunch program certificates are eligible to receive a freshman admission application fee waiver. For more information on application fee waivers, please contact your Admissions Advisor.
The admissions application, high school transcript and one supplemental document gives us the information we need to make an admissions decision. Please only submit one supplemental document for review. Additional supplemental documents will be added to the file but not reviewed during the admissions process. If you choose to send additional supplemental documents for review, the supplemental document received to Auburn University first will be used in the review.
Your core grades give us your academic core GPA. We will ask for 3 English, 3 math, 3 social science/history and 2 science grades. If you have additional core classes in these academic subjects, we suggest you choose your highest grades for each subject to complete the core GPA section. The cumulative GPA is a combination of all high school core classes and electives.
There are 4 short answer questions, 100 words or less.
A letter of recommendation is optional and not needed by all applicants. Applicants who have had academic difficulties may choose to submit one letter of recommendation. For these applicants, the recommender gives information about the applicant’s ability to be academically successful at Auburn University. Before requesting a letter of recommendation, take a moment to read over our blog post about these letters.
Our process is flexible. Applicants will receive a holistic review and be evaluated with the either a test score or another supplemental component.
Freshman admission decisions will be based on holistic admissions review and each application is given personal consideration.
If you have tested and feel the score will be a positive supplement to your application, you may submit it as your supplemental document. If you do not have ACT or SAT scores to send to Auburn University, your admissions application will not be penalized.
If you have SAT or ACT test scores you can choose to submit it as your supplemental document. If you do not have SAT or ACT scores, your admissions application will not be penalized.
Merit Scholarships are awarded exclusively to incoming freshmen enrolling summer or fall immediately following high school graduation and are renewable for four years. Incoming freshmen will be considered for Merit Scholarships and other scholarships based on a holistic review of the admission application by Undergraduate Admissions and information provided on the scholarship application through the Auburn University Scholarship Opportunity Manager (AUSOM). Financial need as determined through completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may also be a consideration.
Applicants will upload supplemental documents when completing the online application. If you choose to upload an ACT or SAT score as the supplemental document, we will use that score in the admissions review.
This year, you can choose to upload one of the following supplemental documents: Graded writing assignment, ACT or SAT Test Score report, Expanded Resume, or AP or IB Score Report.
This is currently the 2021 policy. We will make a determination for future admission cycles at a later date.

If choosing to submit your ACT or SAT test scores as your supplemental document requirement, we will need the verified Test Scores sent officially, from the testing agency before submitting your enrollment deposit. Auburn University School codes are ACT 0011 and SAT 1005.

Please refer to or for information about the expected test score delivery times. While you may be able to access your test score within weeks, delivery time to colleges varies.
If you choose to submit a supplemental document other than the ACT or SAT test score, we will only use that supplemental document in the review. Contact your Admissions Advisor if you have questions about supplemental documents.

An official high school transcript copy will be required prior to submitting the enrollment deposit.

The application on Auburn’s application includes 4 English, 3 Math, 2 Science and 2 Social Science core grades to calculate the GPA. 

Letter grades options are A, B, C, D, F, N/A, P/S, U

If your high school grading scale assigns numerical grades to a letter, use that grading scale to determine the numerical score’s letter grade. Enter that letter grade. 

If your high school transcript does not have a grading scale that assigns numerical grades a letter, use:

A= 90-100




F=59 or below

Enter N/A – (not applicable) if you have not taken the course. 

Enter P/S – Pass/Satisfactory if you were given a Pass Grade instead of a letter grade.

Enter U – Unsatisfactory if you were given issued an unsatisfactory grade instead of a letter grade.

Auburn offers weight for AP, IB and Honors classes only. 

Any other class should be entered as Regular in the Core GPA calculation, including dual enrollment and AICE credits.

FY - Full Year (Use for Full Credit)

NA - Not Applicable (Use this if you haven’t taken the class)

Sem – Semester (use for Half Credit)

Yes, since you’ve only finished half the credit, we only enter half credit. The GPA calculator will calculate your GPA using the half credit, so your GPA is correct.   

You will enter the cumulative GPA from your high school transcript. You can use any grading scale to enter the cumulative GPA (e.g. 100 point, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0). 

Last updated: 09/10/2020