Janet L. McCoy


AUBURN -- Thirty high school and college students from around the United States who are interested in design will be on the Auburn University campus next week to expand their talents and learn about a possible career as a industrial designer.

Scheduled for July 11-16, the Auburn Design Workshop is a unique program for creative youths who are interested in a professional career in design, says Rich Britnell, an associate professor of industrial design who is coordinating the workshop.

"The program is an intensive and exciting week-long workshop that begins with basic design fundamentals and progresses to more advanced industrial design concepts," he said.

Students from Washington, Texas, Maryland, Florida and Alabama are attending the workshop, where students will create hands-on designs, including 2-D compositions and 3-D model fabrication, as well as technical demonstrations and hear from professionals. Students will work in the Industrial Design computer, photography, wood and plastics laboratories.

Britnell says many students don't realize the many career choices for students majoring industrial design.

"Industrial designers design products for manufacture by industrial processes," he says. "They design tools, household appliances, cameras, furniture, automobiles, sports equipment and more.

"Industrial designers specialize in mass produced objects that are affordable, meet a need, are easy to use, and are visually pleasing for the competitive global marketplace."

In addition to faculty who teach the workshop, the participants are also assisted by AU students majoring in industrial design.

Tin Man Lau, a professor of industrial design, will work with Britnell in teaching the students.

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CONTACT: Britnell, 334/844-2371.