David M. Granger


AUBURN -- Income to Auburn University's "License to Learn" scholarship endowment has topped the $7 million mark, strengthening AU's position as No. 1 among the 25 Alabama colleges and universities that market collegiate tags.

About 42 percent of all collegiate plates sold in Alabama since the program began in 1988 are Auburn tags.

A new report by the state Department of Revenue, which reflect sales of the tags through May 31, show Auburn's total receipts at about $7.3 million, compared to $6.4 million for second-place University of Alabama.

AU also leads all other Alabama colleges and universities in sales receipts for the current fiscal year, which began Oct. 1. AU receipts for fiscal 1999 through May 31 total more than $95,000. Alabama is second with more than $77,000.

With the fiscal year two-thirds over, AU appears destined to lead the state in collegiate license plate sales for the sixth consecutive year.

"Auburn continues to lead the way in collegiate license plate sales in Alabama thanks to the generous support of all our friends and alumni," said Mike Jernigan, who leads the marketing effort for AU's "License to Learn" program. "If any alumni or friends don't have their Auburn tag yet, we urge them to contact their local probate office about purchasing one. The money is used by our scholarship office to aid worthy students in being able to achieve an Auburn education."

Since the tags became available, Auburn and Alabama have accounted for nearly 80 percent of all collegiate license plate sales in Alabama. Tags are available for 25 state colleges and universities, but AU and UA account for more than $14 million of the $17.3 million total.

Through May 31, the tag sales for all Alabama schools totalled $1.7 million for the current fiscal year.

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