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AUBURN -- Auburn University faculty members P.K. Raju of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Chetan Sankar of the Department of Management have received a national award for an interdisciplinary, multimedia courseware they developed.

Raju and Sankar received the 1998 Premier Award for Excellence in Engineering Education Courseware for a courseware package titled "Della Steam Plant Case Study."

The case study on compact disk introduces students to management decision- making and engineering problem-solving in the context of a real problems at a utility company

The courseware simulates the environment in which engineers and managers operated when trying to solve a problem that could involve millions of dollars in additional costs for the company. Sankar and Raju said the courseware aids Business and Engineering students in the development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

The award is sponsored by John Wiley & Sons publishing company and professional coalitions of the National Science Foundation. At the invitation of the director of the NSFıs Division of Undergraduate Education, Sankar and Raju made a presentation last fall to a group of NSF program directors on the concept and contents of the courseware.

The Auburn teamıs work was partially funded by the National Science Foundation and Auburnıs Thomas Walter Center for Technology Management.

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