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AUBURN -- Picture waking up to the startling sounds of a cat vomiting and then putting the episode down on paper. This scene is how an Auburn University veterinary medicine graduate began writing a series of mystery novels.

Edie Swihart of Pittsburgh will share her experiences when she presents a writing workshop at the AU College of Veterinary Medicine's 92nd annual conference Nov. 12-14. The seminar is designed for veterinarians and their families at the conference's family fun night on Friday, Nov. 12.

Local authors and readers can meet with Swihart, alias Edie Claire, during a public book signing Saturday from 10 a.m. until noon at the AU Hotel and Dixon Conference Center.

Swihart, who obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1991, incorporates some of her veterinary background at AU into her first book, Never Buried, and a newly released sequel, Never Sorry.

"Never Buried takes place in a small Pittsburgh borough where I first began practicing small animal medicine," Swihart said. "The main character grew up helping out in her father's veterinary clinic, so the reader is treated to a few tales from the veterinary side along with the mystery."

Swihart says many of her characters have names of people she knows, with one in Never Buried borrowing the name of an Auburn classmate. In Never Sorry, one character is a veterinarian with a degree from Auburn and he always carries an AU tote bag on the front seat of his truck.

"I have always enjoyed writing and am really excited to return to Auburn," Swihart said.

After graduation, she worked with a private veterinary practice and then began doing medical writing and editing on a free-lance basis. Swihart now writes brochures, catalogues and advertisements for Fisher Scientific, an international distributor of scientific research equipment. She also writes free-lance veterinary columns, such as News and Views for Veterinary Forum magazine.

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