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AUBURN -- A new precinct plan of Auburn University's College of Engineering suggests changes in building locations that would remake the college's segment of the campus during the first half of the 21st century.

The precinct plan, which has been accepted by the AU Board of Trustees, anticipates demolition of several aging buildings in the area between Harbert Center and the College of Business. The plan proposes replacing some buildings, remodeling others, moving most remaining parking to the campus perimeter, adding landscaping and providing more direct access for pedestrians.

Architect Tom Tillman of AU's Facilities Division says the total implementation costs would be about $120 million. Those costs would include such longterm projects as removal of the L-Building, shop buildings, Dunstan Hall, the old physical plant building and the student health center.

The plan, which updated one from 1979, was prepared by the architectural planning firm of Sizemore Floyd of Atlanta in association with Comprehensive Facilities Planning Inc. of Columbus, Ga. The design was based on input from the faculty and administration of the College of Engineering, the Provost's Office and the Facilities Division.

Anticipating developments through 2012, the plan calls for construction of new facilities for Computer and Software Engineering and microelectronics in the area now occupied by the student health center, a research complex on the present site of the shop buildings and a Mechanical Engineering complex in the present parking lot of Foy Student Union, which is also scheduled to be replaced.

Also, the dean's office would move from Ramsay Hall to Ross Hall, and Ramsay, Ross and the Textile Building would receive major renovations.

The buildings would be organized and landscaped in a village green concept, with foot traffic routed along an east-west walkway that would extend to the Drake field parking area.

AU President William V. Muse said the university is proceeding with plans to replace the student health center with a more modern facility. Muse said he anticipates appointing a committee within a few months to assist in planning the new building.

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