jAUnt Services

jAUnt Services is an appointment-based courtesy service that provides golf cart transportation to Auburn University students, faculty, and staff with a medical condition that makes traveling within the central part of campus difficult.

As services provided by jAUnt are approved or denied through the Office of Accessibility, qualifying documentation must be submitted to the Office of Accessibility prior to scheduling appointments. All medical documentation along with any mobility aid information (wheelchair, scooter, walker, personal attendant, etc.) should be sent to Barclay Bentley at bentlbj@auburn.edu.

Once documentation has been reviewed, the applicant will receive a notification via email from the Office of Accessibility.

If an applicant has been approved to be provided transportation, we will follow up with the approved rider via email with additional information and the form that must be completed and returned to us by 3 pm the business day prior to when services are needed.

jAUnt is a courtesy service and is not a part of any accommodation.

jAUnt is in operation Monday - Friday when classes are in session, with the first appointment of the day scheduled to take place at 7:40 am and the final appointment of the day scheduled to take place at 4:50 pm.

Services provided by jAUnt are not available during the weekends, semester breaks, or during Auburn University holidays and closure periods.

jAUnt Policies and Procedures

For your convenience, our policies and procedures are now online. We encourage all riders to become familiar with this information.

jAUnt Stop-Listing

The jAUnt Stop Listing page provides an alphabetical listing of all of the jAUnt stops in our service area. This listing also provides the gps coordinates of each stop and a link that shows where the stop is on Google Maps.

Tracking jAUnt Carts

ETA Spot provides real-time golf cart location information through their smartphone app, so that you can see where the cart your appointment is assigned to is. Download the ETA Spot app for both Apple or Android devices or view the map on the desktop version.

jAUnt Service Map

Use the map below to view of all of our stops, their gps coordinates and outlines our entire service area. All stops on our service map have been catagorized and also provides information about different on-campus venues that can be accessed at specific stops.

Please Note:

Drivers are not allowed to search for passengers who are not present at the designated stop at their scheduled appointment time. Any passenger who does not arrive and board the cart at the designated stop within three minutes of their appointment time will be marked as a no show and the driver will move onto their next appointment.

The jAUnt service area is only in the central part of campus and is bound by the campus side of Wire Road, Magnolia Avenue, College Street, Lem Morrison Drive, and West Samford Avenue, as dipicted in the map below.

We ask that you do not ask a driver to go to a location that does not appear on the jAUnt Services map, is outside of our depicted service area or that is not on their appointment schedule. Drivers are not allowed to go to places that do not appear on the map or their appointment sheet. We also ask that passengers not ask a driver to deviate from where the designated stop is located at.