Optional Faculty/Staff Wellness Kitchen Option

The $6.6 million Wellness Kitchen, located just north of the Athletic Complex parking deck, across the street from the South Donahue Residence Hall, opened Fall 2014.

The Wellness Kitchen is a state of the art facility dedicated to providing high quality food, nutritional balance and an outstanding dining experience. The facility is buffet style with multiple make-to-order action stations, a pizza oven, a hot line featuring fresh meats and vegetables, as well as carving stations for a variety of beef, pork or poultry, a huge salad bar and fresh fruit smoothies. Local, organic produce is preferred and sourced as much as possible. Only high quality, lean meats are served as well. Created by Auburn's Sports Dietician and Tiger Dining's Executive Chef, the menu is designed to promote maximum nutritional benefit per calorie consumed. Traditional recipes are re-imagined to remove empty calories and avoid processed foods.

The Wellness Kitchen contains Auburn's first Gluten/Allergen Free prep area. This allows for made without gluten and other allergen free items to be fresh prepped in an environment where cross contamination can be controlled. This is a major step forward in our mission to better serve Auburn diners with special dietary needs. Diners with gluten intolerance or who are following a gluten free diet can be confident that they will have options available to them every day.

The Wellness Kitchen isn't about counting calories, it's about making calories count.