Tiger ID

Load Your Tiger ID on Your New Mobile Device

*Instructions through Tiger ID (GET Mobile) App are for compatable iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android Phone devices

Unlink The Existing Tiger ID:

  1. Login to Tiger ID (GET Mobile) App

  2. Select Settings

    • This may be located under the More menu icon
  3. Select Unlink Mobile Wallet ID

    • This will also unlink your Apple Watch if you have your credential loaded there as well.
    • You will need to reactivate your Apple Watch again once the credential has been sucessfully unlinked.

Add The Tiger Tiger ID To Your New Device:

  1. Login to Tiger ID (GET Mobile) App or Select the Home option if already logged in.

  2. Select Add To Wallet Icon

  3. If prompted, Select The Device Name You Wish To Add The Tiger ID To

  4. Accept The Tiger ID Terms & Conditions

The mobile credential is only allowed on one device type (Apple or Android) at a time per student and must be always in the possession of that student. Currently, the systems allows for both the iPhone and Apple Watch to be used simultaneously while only Android phones are supported for that device type.

***Please know that sharing of your mobile credential is a violation of University policy and violations of this policy will be subject to view by the Office of Student Conduct.***
Last updated: April 22, 2024