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Test Scanning Is Moving

What - The scoring of Scantron-administered tests will change location.

Who - The Provost's Office has created an Academic Scoring Center that will take over the test scoring process.

Where - Scanning will now occur in Haley Center 0322. A new drop-off location in Haley Center will replace the Foy Hall drop-off sometime mid-semester, but the OIT drop-off will remain for the foreseeable future. The scoring center can return physical tests via campus mail upon request.

When - March 1st is the scheduled date to complete the transition to Haley Center. The OIT drop-off will still be available after this date, but any retrievals will be at Haley.

Why - The new Academic Scoring Center exists to serve you. This new location is more centralized ans is equipped with upgraded scanning equipment and new software, and further service upgrades are in the pipeline as well.

Beginning with Spring 2018 mid-semester, the process of scoring Scantron-administered tests will transition from the Office of Information Technology to the Provost Office’s newly created Academic Scoring Center. In an effort to enhance the level of service provided, the Provost’s Office is upgrading the scanning equipment, purchasing new software, and relocating these services from the OIT building to a more centralized campus location in Haley Center 0322.

Please note that during the transition, faculty and graduate students may continue to drop off test scoring materials at both current drop off locations (Foy Hall and the OIT building). Once the move to Haley Center is complete (it is scheduled to occur by mid-semester this spring) the Foy Hall drop off location will be removed, the Haley location will be added AND the OIT drop off location will remain (for the foreseeable future).

In addition to the other upgrades, we also plan to begin offering a secure pick-up and delivery service to accommodate our main-campus colleagues who typically drive to OIT to drop off their test forms.