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Stay on track to graduation with Degree Works.

Stay on track to graduation with Degree Works.Auburn University has launched Auburn DegreeWorks, a new degree-auditing and degree-tracking tool. Auburn DegreeWorks is an online program that compares your academic achievement to your major requirements as found in the Auburn Bulletin. You can use it to track your academic progress toward a degree, review the requirements you have satisfied, and plan the courses you can take to complete your remaining requirements.

You can also use Auburn DegreeWorks to do a "what if" analysis, that is to see how the courses you have taken fit into a different major.

Auburn DegreeWorks provides the basic information you need so that you and your advisor can focus on your goals and plan how to achieve them.

Auburn DegreeWorks provides an electronic audit of your progress toward a specific degree. The audit will report and track:

  • Courses and credit hours earned as applied toward your degree program
  • Catalog requirements in effect when you choose a major
  • All requirements necessary to receive a specific degree
  • Transfer credits used to satisfy degree requirements
  • Courses for which you are currently registered (listed as in-progress or 'IP')
  • Courses that do not apply to specific degree requirements, but do apply toward overall earned hours and cumulative GPA
  • To learn more about Auburn DegreeWorks, click the links at left for helpful videos and FAQs. When you are ready to look at your record in Auburn DegreeWorks, click the "Sign In" link that takes you directly to tigeri and into Auburn DegreeWorks.

What If Scenarios

Degree Works Frequently Asked Questions.

This is a fun and interesting tool. "What If" Scenarios allow you to process speculative degree audits using your current class history. You can compare your information against the requirements for a different major and catalog year. The possibilities are endless.

I want to change my major. How can I see what would be required if I made this change?

You can use the "What If" option on the Audits tab to do an audit using criteria you select. Please be sure to select a Degree, Catalog term and Major along with any corresponding Minors or Concentrations. The selected major will be moved to the window on the right. To deselect the major from that window, highlight it by clicking on it and then click the REMOVE button located below the window. Once the major is selected, click on the PROCESS AUDIT button to generate "What If" audit.

"What If" audits do not guarantee that you will be able to major in the area you select.

Should you decide you'd like to change your major, contact your current academic advisor for assistance, new major information and instructions on making the change.

Why am I receiving an error when I run a "What If" scenario?

The "What If" tool requires that you make a selection in the "Major" field. Failure to select a major will result in an error.

Can my advisor see my "What If" scenario?

No. What If scenarios are not stored in Auburn DegreeWorks. Your advisor can only see your results if the two of you work through a "What If" procedure together. You can also print a copy to show your advisor.


Degree Works Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Auburn DegreeWorks work?

The Auburn DegreeWorks audit "reads" all courses completed or accepted as transfer credits at Auburn and shows how those courses have been applied toward your chosen degree, major, and minor, according to the catalog requirements for the year in which you entered Auburn. The report can be viewed online or printed out to be used as a snapshot of where you stand relative to graduation requirements.

Do I still need to see an advisor?

YES! Absolutely - Auburn DegreeWorks does not take the place of your advisor. You should always review your degree progress report prior to meeting with an advisor, preparing any questions you may have regarding your requirements. Your academic advisor will use the Auburn DegreeWorks report in the process of advising you about your program.

What do I do if I believe that Auburn DegreeWorks is not applying a course(s) correctly to my degree program?

Your academic advisor is your first point of contact with questions about your audit. An advisor can answer questions you may have and advise you about your course substitutions and waivers that may be needed and submit the necessary adjustments.

Can I change my major/minor/concentration through Auburn DegreeWorks?

No. Contact your academic advisor on how to change your major/minor/concentration.

My minor or concentration is missing from my audit - how do I fix this?

If you have not officially declared your minor or concentration, contact your academic advisor.

Who should I contact if I still have questions or disagree with the audit?

Please contact your academic advisor.

Is my Auburn DegreeWorks Audit the same as my Academic Transcript?

No. The Auburn DegreeWorks Audit is an unofficial advisement tool. It is not an Academic Transcript.

Where can I find my Grade-Point Average (GPA)?

Your major GPA is a calculated GPA based on coursework used to fulfill major requirements. This GPA will appear within the major block requirements of your audit. Additionally, depending upon your college, the major GPA may also include courses that potentially could have been used within the major block but were not needed to fulfill specific requirements.

Who can use Auburn DegreeWorks?

As of March 23, 2012, Auburn DegreeWorks is available to all undergraduate students who entered in the fall of 2010 or later and their advisors. Students and advisors will be able to use the system as an advising tool to better follow the student's progress and determine which requirements are still needed.

Can I register for classes in Auburn DegreeWorks?

No. Registration will continue to be accessed through tigeri during scheduled registration dates and time tickets.

How current is my information in Auburn DegreeWorks?

The information in Auburn DegreeWorks is refreshed nightly. Any changes made today will be seen in Auburn DegreeWorks the next day.

Are my grades visible in Auburn DegreeWorks?

Yes. Once grades have been posted at the end of the semester or term, they are viewable in Auburn DegreeWorks.

Can I see a list of all of the classes I've taken?

Yes. On the Audits tab, click on the Class History link at the top for a list of courses taken at Auburn as well as transfer courses.

Does Auburn DegreeWorks include my AP credit and transfer work?

Yes. Once AP scores are received from the College Board and credit is granted, they are posted to the student's record and will appear on the audit. Any transfer work articulated by the Office of the Registrar will also appear.

How do I know what classes I need to take?

Check your status! Your audit will outline courses needed to meet degree, major, minor, and/or concentration requirements within specified blocks. You may then use this information to discuss your plan with your academic advisor.

I'm pursuing two degrees (a BS and a BA). Only one appears on the audit. How can I check the requirements for my other program of study?

Look at the degree information next to your name at the top of the screen. You'll notice that the degree box has a drop-down arrow. Use this to select your second degree. Once you select on this, an audit with the additional major will display.

I'm a double major. Only one appears on the audit. How can I check the requirements for my other major?

Look at the degree information next to your name at the top of the screen. You'll notice that the degree box has a drop-down arrow. Use this to select your second program. For example, if you are pursuing a second major for a BA degree, you will see BA #2. Once you select on this, an audit with the additional major will display.

When should I look at my degree audit?

Four times a semester. You should always review your audit:

  • Before you meet with your academic advisor to discuss registration for an upcoming semester.
  • After you register to ensure that the courses you selected applied to your requirements as you thought they would.
  • After your grades for each semester are posted.
  • Any time you make a change to your schedule or major.


Maximizing time with your advisor
Simplifying the registration process
24 hour access to Auburn DegreeWorks
The "What If" scenario
Status of core curriculum completion
Making advisors more helpful to students