University Budget Advisory Committee  -  Provost: VP for Business and Finance

Detailed Charge

The committee shall review and recommend to senior leadership the comprehensive University budget submitted to the President for final approval by the Board of Trustees. In particular, the committee shall advise the University’s senior leadership on the use and strategic allocation of resources from the University’s Mission Enhancement Fund. Because the University fulfills its mission across an array of disciplines that face inherently different cost structures, the committee should develop allocation recommendations so that a portion of the Mission Enhancement Fund is used to support colleges and schools that, for structural reasons, cannot cover their own full costs, while the balance of the available funding is invested in strategic initiatives consistent with the mission and priorities of the institution. The committee shall also evaluate any central unit budget requests that are not resolved by the Central Unit Allocation Committee, recommending either a change in those budgets or in service levels or costs. At five-year intervals, the committee shall propose a Strategic Budget Model Review Task Force, appointed by the Provost and Executive Vice President, to conduct a thorough review and evaluation of all budget model components to ensure continued alignment with the University’s mission, to promote desired behaviors, and to mitigate unintended consequences. In proposing the membership and charge for each periodic task force, the committee shall bear in mind that the components to be reviewed shall include, without being limited to, the allocation method for tuition revenues, the allocation method for Division I state appropriations, the variables used to determine allocations of central unit costs, and the participation rate needed to sustain the Mission Enhancement Fund.

Composition (16 members; 13 voting members)


4 Deans
4 from Faculty, Dept. Heads or Chairs

Ex Officio, Voting

Provost (Co-Chair)
VP for Business and Finance (Co- Chair)
Immediate Past Chair, University Senate
Immediate Past Chair, Administrative and Professional Assembly
Immediate Past Chair, Staff Council

Ex Officio, Non-Voting

Director, Budget Office
Associate Provost

: All appointments to the University Budget Advisory Committee shall be made by the President upon nomination by the Provost (for deans) and the Rules Committee of the University Senate (for faculty members). Appointments to this committee shall be made so that no college has more than one appointed representative. Additionally, as far as is practicable, in the appointment of deans and faculty members to this committee due consideration shall be given to the scale, range, and variety of the University's academic colleges so that a diversity of perspectives may be assured.


Meeting Frequency: In addition to its own meetings, as needed, this Committee should meet three to four times a year with representative from each of the other Strategic Budgeting initiative advisory committees to receive an update on current projects and overall progress of the annual budget process.

Reporting Structure:
This Committee will prepare periodic updates and reports for submission to the President.



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