Student Academic Grievance Committee - Provost

The committee shall resolve academic grievances of students that result from actions of faculty or administrators. The Student Policy e-Handbook, Auburn University’s student handbook, provides the guidelines for this procedure [section 4.7.1 in current Faculty Handbook]. (11 members)

Faculty Three faculty members

One alternate faculty member
Ex Officio
One administrator from a relevant field

One alternate administrator from a relevant field
Graduate One graduate student

One alternate graduate student
Undergraduate Two undergraduate students

One alternate undergraduate student

Faculty members shall serve three (3) year terms, and their appointments shall be arranged so that one (1) faculty member is replaced each year. Their terms of service shall start in fall semester of the year of their appointment. The chairman of the Committee shall be appointed from among these faculty members nominated by the Senate Rules Committee in consultation with the President of the University. No person shall serve as chairman for more than three (3) years.



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Last Updated: Feb. 24, 2016

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