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Space Management and Repair and Renovation Committee  Associate Vice President for Facilities

Detailed Charge

The committee shall advise University leadership on the use of the University’s repair and renovation (R&R) funding to support the maintenance, repair, and improvements to facilities and grounds across the University. Toward that end, the committee shall review the University’s annual R&R funding levels and make recommendations to the University Budget Advisory Committee regarding future funding. In developing its recommendations, the committee shall review prior year R&R funding by major category and make recommendations to the University Budget Advisory Committee regarding future funding allocations by category. Additionally, the committee shall serve as a broker for units wishing to give up or acquire space and shall advise University leadership on the development of policies and procedures for the management and brokerage of space. To this end, the committee shall ensure that the University’s space data is accurate and reliable and shall consistently monitor updates to the University’s space database to support accurate and equitable space-based cost allocations, recommending, as necessary, the conduct of space audits. Additionally, the committee may review the space allocations and exemptions utilized in the Strategic Budget model for colleges/schools and other units to ensure they are consistent and equitable.

Composition (19 members; 15 voting members)


3 Deans or College/School Business Officers
3 Faculty, Dept. Heads or Chairs [at least one shall be an acadmeic department head or chair]


1 Representative of Division 3
1 Representative of Division 4

Ex Officio, Voting

Associate VP, Facilities (Chair)
Associate VP, Auxiliary Services, or designee
Associate Provost, or designee
VP for Research and Economic Development, or designee
VP & Assoc. Provost for Student Affairs, or designee
Athletics Director, or designee
Chair of the University Senate, or designee

Ex Officio, Non-Voting

University Engineer
Executive Director, Design and Construction
1 Representative, Campus Planning & Space Management


All appointments to the Space Management and Repair and Renovation Committee shall be made by the President upon nomination by the Provost (for deans or college/school business officers); the Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Director of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (for the representatives from those divisions); and the Rules Committee of the University Senate (for faculty members).

* Appointments to this committee shall be made so that no school or college has more than one appointed representative. Additionally, as far as is practicable, in the appointment of deans or college business officers to this committee due consideration shall be given to the scale, range, and variety of the University’s academic colleges and schools so that a diversity of perspectives may be assured.

Reporting Structure

This committee will provide periodic updates and report to the University Budget Advisory Committee.



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