Graduation Committee - Provost

The committee shall be responsible for the setting and oversight of ceremony policies and procedures and the organization of each semester's graduateion exercises; faculty membership includes tenured, tenure-track, or clinical faculty. (26 members)

Faculty eighteen faculty;
[three of the faculty will be continuing members appointed by the Provost's Office: Graduation Marshal, Macebearer, the Director of Choral Music.]
Ex Officio

Provost or designee as chair

Director, Campus and Community Events

University Registrar or designee

Director, Athletic Events or designee

Dean of Graduate School or designee

Non Voting

AUM faculty member

Graduate (non voting) One graduate student nominated by the Graduate Student Council
Undergraduates (non voting) nominated by the Student Government Association:
One undergraduate student

One undergraduate student alternate


Three (3) of the 18 faculty members will be continuing members: Graduation Marshal, Macebearer, the Director of Choral Music.


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