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The Design Review Committee ensures that physical facility designs: support the University mission and priorities, enhance and support the overall image desired for the University, and emphasize wise use of resources. The Committee shall review project designs and make recommendations regarding acceptable compliance with stated goals and programs of the user/client, design guidelinesthe image and character of Auburn University and the Auburn University comprehensive campus master plan. Review shall emphasize quality of open space and landscape; architectural form and exterior appearance; primary interior spaces; and the contribution of the project to immediate surroundings and the larger campus and community context. The Committee will offer recommendations regarding best practices and design guidelines, with specific emphasis on consideration of forward looking trends and advancements in the design and construction industry. Design review may involve projects of capital improvement, renovation, adaptation, infrastructure and occasionally maintenance. The Committee reserves the right to review or waive review of any project that impacts the appearance and development of the campus.  (6 members)

Faculty Three faculty
Ex Officio

University Architect as Chair

University Planner as Vice-Chair


At least three faculty members
Three of the faculty members must be a Registered Architect/Licensed Architect/Engineer/Builder

Faculty serve three-year staggered terms.

On-Call Resource Team The faculty and staff of the entire University including but not limited to the Facilities Division, Office of Information Technology, Risk Management and Safety, Institutional Research and the Office of Development shall be on call to assist with the charge of the committee as specific conditions dictate.

Meetings will be once per month. The committee is also expected to review and comment on design documents, design questions, or other related topics via e-mail, electronic document transfer or other method of communication as agreed upon by the committee, when requested by the Chair.




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