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Central Unit Allocations Committee  - VP for Business and Finance

Detailed Charge

The committee will promote collaboration between academic and central support units, clarify expected service levels by the central units, and evaluate the funding levels required to deliver those services at desired and realistic levels. For a rotating sample of central support units and as part of the annual budget development process, the committee shall evaluate central unit financial plans outlining the proposed unit budget and justifying additions or changes to service levels or fee structures. In the event that the committee is unable to approve a central unit’s financial plan, it shall refer the case to the University Budget Advisory Committee. The committee shall also review requests for waivers from contributions to central unit budgets, with the understanding that such waivers should be approved only in rare cases, and shall recommend any waiver requests it approves to the University Budget Advisory Committee for its approval. Finally, the committee shall develop annually a unified budget recommendation for all central support units and submit it to the University Budget Advisory Committee for final review and inclusion in the University-wide budget recommended for submission to the President.

Composition (20 members; 17 voting members)


4 Deans or college/school business officers
4 Faculty, Dept. Head or Chair [at least 2 of whom shall be academic department heads/chairs]


2 Central unit leaders or vice presidents
1 Auxiliary unit leader
1 Representative of Division 3 – Ag Experiment Station
1 Representative of Division 4 – Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Ex Officio, Voting**

VP for Business and Finace, CFO (Chair of Central Unit Allocations)
Current Chair, University Senate
Current Chair, Administrative and Professional Assembly
Current Chair, Staff Council

Ex Officio, Non-Voting

Director, Institutional Research
Director, Budget Office

Appointments: All appointments to the Central Unit Allocations Committee shall be made by the President upon nomination by the Provost (for deans or college/school business officers); the Provost and the Executive Vice President jointly (for central unit leaders and the auxiliary unit leader); the Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Director of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (for the representatives from those divisions); and the Rules Committee of the University Senate (for faculty members).

* Appointments to this committee shall be made so that no school or college has more than one appointed representative. Additionally, as far as is practicable, in the appointment of deans or college business officers to this committee due consideration shall be given to the scale, range, and variety of the University’s academic colleges and schools so that a diversity of perspectives may be assured.

**Chairs-elect of the three employee governance groups may participate as non-voting members in preparation for their new responsibilities.

Reporting Structure: This committee will provide periodic updates and report to the University Budget Advisory Committee.


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