University Leadership

Christopher B. Roberts
(334) 844-6176
Vini Nathan
Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
(334) 844-5771
Taffye Benson Clayton
Vice President and Associate Provost for Inclusion and Diversity
(334) 844-4184
John Cohen
Director of Athletics
(334) 844-9891
Royrickers Cook
Vice President for University Outreach and Associate Provost
(334) 844-5700
Joffery Gaymon
Vice President of Enrollment
(334) 844-6420
Jaime Hammer
Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel
(334) 844-5176
Dan King
Vice President of Facilities Management
(334) 844-9102
Jim O’Connor
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
(334) 844-9374
Kevin Robinson
Vice President for Institutional Compliance and Security
(334) 844-4389
Mike Phillips
Director of Extension
(334) 844-4450
Kelli Shomaker
Senior Vice President for Business and Administration and Chief Financial Officer
Carl Stockton
Chancellor of Auburn University at Montgomery
Steve Taylor
Senior Vice President for Research & Economic Development
(334) 844-4784
Rob Wellbaum
Senior Vice President for Advancement
Jared White
Vice President for Governmental Affairs
(334) 242-2688
Bobby R. Woodard
Senior Vice President for Student Affairs
(334) 844-8880
Jennifer Wood Adams
Executive Director of Public Affairs and Executive Communication
(334) 844-7326

Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Jon G. Waggoner
(334) 844-4866

Colleges & Deans

College of Agriculture
Dean Paul Patterson
Director, Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station
(334) 844-3209
College of Architecture, Design and Construction
Interim Dean Karen L. Rogers
(334) 844-4285
Harbert College of Business
Interim Dean Jennifer Mueller-Phillips
(334) 844‐6219
College of Education
Dean Jeffrey Fairbrother
(334) 844-4446
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
Dean Mario R. Eden
(334) 844-2303
College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment
Dean Janaki R.R. Alavalapati
(334) 844-1004
Graduate School
Dean George Flowers
(334) 844-2125
College of Human Sciences
Dean Susan Hubbard
(334) 844-3790
College of Liberal Arts
Dean Jason Hicks
(334) 844-2183
Dean Shali Zhang
(334) 844-1714
College of Nursing
Dean Gregg E. Newschwander
(334) 844-6752
Harrison College of Pharmacy
Dean Leigh Ann Ross
(334) 844-8348
College of Sciences and Mathematics
Dean Edward Thomas, Jr.
(334) 844-5727
College of Veterinary Medicine
Dean Calvin Johnson
(334) 844-3694