Tiger Transit


We are pleased to provide free bus advertising opportunities on a first-come, first-serve basis to the Auburn University community. Ads must be approved by Transportation Services prior to being placed on the buses. In order to expedite your request, please complete a Bus Advertising Request (BAR) Form. Submit the form along with a digital proof of the ad to us via email by using the following guidelines:

  • Ads are limited to Auburn University departments and groups.
  • Ads are for Auburn University purposes only.
  • Ad space is limited to the interior of the bus.
  • Ads must follow the guidelines set forth in the Auburn University Style Guide & Identification Standards Manual.
  • Ad size is 17" x 11" (width/height).
  • Proof must be submitted in either .pdf or Word format, along with the completed BAR Form to the email link above.
  • Include the proposed start and requested end date of the ad posting.
  • All ad approvals and denials are issued through the Transportation Services Administrative Office.

  • When an ad is approved, the following printing criteria must be followed:

  • Use SYNAPS OM Synthetic Polyester Paper when having ads professionally printed.
  • Regardless of if your ad is being professionally printed or printed in house, ad size is 17" x 11" (width/height).
  • When printed in house, approved ads must be printed on 110 lb. white cardstock and laminated.
  • If the ad changes after the original had has been approved, an updated BAR Form and a digital proof of the updated ad will required to be submitted for approval.

    It remains the responsibility of the advertising department to supply 75 copies of the approved ad to the Transportation Services Administrative Office at 330 Lem Morrison Drive, Suite 127. Ads that do not follow the above criteria will be sent back to the requesting department. All ads will be rotated based upon time posted on the buses, as well as space limitations.

    Transportation Services reserves the right to approve or reject any submitted advertising and reserves the right to remove any ad at any time, regardless of proposed end date provided by the group upon submission of advertising proof. Transportation Services also reserves the right to make any needed alterations in order place an ad inside of the designated posted area.

    Last Modified: October 25, 2021