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Welcome to TigerTalent!

Auburn University Human Resources is pleased to announce a partnership with PageUp to launch TigerTalent, a new unified Talent Management System for our campus.  Once fully implemented, TigerTalent will benefit employees, supervisors and managers, new hires, and applicants.  This highly automated and user-friendly system modernizes five key process workflows.

Phase 1 - Position Descriptions, Applicant Tracking, and Onboarding

Position Descriptions

redgear.pngTigerTalent provides current, accessible, and accurate job and position descriptions.

  • No more paper position questionnaires or descriptions!
  • Easy access for creating, updating, classifying, and reclassifying thousands of position and job descriptions
  • Integrates with Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Performance Management, and Learning Management
Applicant Tracking

bluegear.pngTigerTalent streamlines the posting, recruitment, and selection processes.

  • Imports the position duties and requirements from the Position Description module 
  • Access to passive applicants who may not be actively searching for employment, thereby increasing our talent pool
  • Provides visibility to applicants and hiring managers throughout the recruitment and selection processes
  • Streamlines communication between search committees and applicants within the system.
  • Provides tools and functionality to search committees related to the search process.

purple gearFrom offer acceptance to new hire orientation and beyond, TigerTalent offers welcoming and individualized onboarding.

  • Shares information directly from the Applicant Tracking System to eliminate manual work
  • Keeps in touch with the incoming employee from offer to start date and beyond
  • System access and credentials are set up before the employee arrives
  • Early introduction to the Auburn culture increases employee engagement and retention

Phase 2 - Performance Management and Learning Management

Performance Management

TigerTalent facilitates clarity in planning and communicating performance expectations

  • No more paper review forms!
  • Automates the performance review process
  • Makes it easier to provide feedback throughout the performance year
  • Integrates with job and position descriptions
  • Two-way communication between the employee and supervisor 
Learning Management

orangegear.pngTigerTalent provides a unified and streamlined learning management system.

  • Integrates training needs with job responsibilities, performance expectations, career aspirations, and certification requirements
  • Provides 24-7, on-demand access to online courses
  • Visibility for both the employee and the supervisor into current and accurate transcripts 
  • Enables supervisors to assign employees to training opportunities
PageUp Testimonial - Kansas State University

What You Told Us at the Forums

TigerTalent participants listen to speakerIn February 2018, more than 200 employees participated in one of the eight TigerTalent open forums that were held at the Auburn University Administrative Complex, the Alumni Center, the Student Center, and the Mell Classroom Building.  At these forums, employees learned more about the new system, asked questions, and shared feedback about our current talent management processes.  This feedback will help us configure TigerTalent and enhance our Position Description, Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Performance Management, and Learning Management processes.  While we are still reviewing the comments which we received, the following summary is based off of the data collected by HR Liaisons.  Additional information will be posted on this website as it becomes available.  


  • Online access to the descriptions
  • Easily accessible
  • Forms help guide process
  • Doable process


  • Too much paperwork
  • PDQ is cumbersome and takes too long to complete
  • Inconsistencies between job description and actual duties performed
  • Pay range is too broad

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Clearer instructions
  • Better search functionality
  • More training
  • Improve the PDQ
  • Update job descriptions
  • Reduce paper forms
  • Self-populating info


  • Review applicants before closing
  • HR Liaisons


  • Process takes too long; have lost candidates
  • Need spell check and auto paste
  • Technical glitches
  • Lack of communication

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Streamline screening
  • Update forms
  • Better communication
  • Personalized messages to candidates
  • Status bar
  • Search committee tools
  • Better screening by HR
  • FAQs
  • Manager training


  • HR Orientation
  • Onboarding checklist


  • Inefficient
  • Delays in obtaining user ID, email, keys, parking, etc.
  • Onboarding former students and AUM employees
  • Onboarding sequencing

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Onboarding one-stop shop
  • Paperwork and access before day one
  • Changes to Orientation (day, location, online, etc.)
  • Better communication and training for new hires, managers
  • Better merge former AU students, AUM employees
  • Mentor program


  • Early feedback with supervisor
  • Self-evaluations


  • Merit not tied to review
  • Long process
  • Ratings gap (4 pt. vs. 5 pt.)
  • Paper form, no spell check
  • Cumbersome/primitive
  • Timeline

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Better communication and training for managers
  • Improve the rating scale
  • Improve the form
  • Greater automation
  • More frequent feedback b/t managers and employee
  • Explain how merit raises and performance are tied
  • Better integrate with Learning Management


  • Historic data/transcripts
  • Easy to find classes/enroll
  • Email reminders
  • Class variety


  • Training is too basic
  • Need to capture courses outside FastTrain
  • Not user friendly
  • Supervisor approvals

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Better class descriptions
  • Improve approval process
  • Class reminders to employee and manager
  • Class suggestions (personalized career paths)
  • Self-populate into Performance Management
  • Import outside courses, certifications, etc.
  • Distance learning

TigerTalent Survey

Nearly 500 employees participated in the TigerTalent survey which we conducted in December 2017 and January 2018. We asked the following questions for each of the five current process workflows (Position Descriptions, Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Performance Management, and Learning Management):

  • What works well for you?
  • What does not work well for you?
  • What ideas/suggestions do you have for improvement?

We appreciate every respondent and will use the information to help configure TigerTalent. While the surveys are now closed, you can still answer these questions and share your feedback with us by emailing tigertalent@auburn.edu.

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • More than 200 global organizations and higher education institutions currently utilize PageUp. The universities of Oregon, Michigan, and Alabama, Zurich Insurance, and Lindt chocolatier are among current clients. 
  • PageUp boasts a 100 percent client retention rate in higher education.
  • TigerTalent’s single platform Talent Management System will enhance our ability to recruit, engage, develop, and retain the right people for Auburn University. It will also help us to track our current talent and to optimize their unique skillsets as they also progress toward meeting their career goals.
  • TigerTalent’s cloud-based platform is mobile-friendly and is accessible on any device.
  • PageUp will partner with Auburn University throughout the implementation process and will provide ongoing customer support.
  • We will be able to automate forms, processes, etc. throughout all modules.
  • We will also have greater opportunities to reach passive candidates.
  • TigerTalent will provide complete tracking and powerful analytics to help us engage and manage the entire employee lifecycle.

TigerTalent offers:

  • Cloud-based platform and mobile-friendly,
  • Robust automation, and,
  • Complete tracking and powerful analytics.
• Non-faculty employees
• Student employees
• Recent applicants
• Supervisors and Managers
• HR Liaisons
• Campus leadership
We will share pertinent information through:
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Forums
  • Email
  • AU News
  • This website
  • Many more!

We will spend the next few months gathering feedback and soliciting suggestions from our entire campus through surveys, campus-wide forums, focus groups, and departmental meetings.  Your feedback is paramount in creating TigerTalent – a system that will be intuitive, ADA-compliant, consistent, and user-friendly.  We will communicate throughout the configuration and implementation process. Ongoing training opportunities and easy-to-use tools will be available to users.  Upon completion, which is currently scheduled for 2019, we will enjoy a Talent Management System that advances Auburn University as a premier employer.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

Email tigertalent@auburn.edu or contact the following HR team members if you have any questions or would like additional information:

Last updated: 06/11/2018