Employment Application Guide

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Think of www.auemployment.com as your electronic file cabinet for your AU job search!  If you have questions or need assistance in completing the application, including reasonable accommodations, please email the Human Resources department at HR Office or call at (334) 844-4145. 

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Review Posting

Always carefully review the posting. Only applicants who meet the posted minimum qualifications can be considered for posted positions. 

If a cover letter, resume’, or other documents are required to be submitted along with the online application, create those documents before beginning the application process. This way you will have your documents already prepared and ready to attach when you reach the Attach Documents step of the application process. Make certain you save your document as a simple (non-template) MS Word or PDF file as the online system may not be compatible with other document applications.

Create New Application

  • If this is your first time applying for a job on www.auemployment.com, click Create Application to establish your User Name and Password. Follow the prompts and complete each field of the application with appropriate information.

  • Some fields on the application are required; these are indicted with a red asterisk (*). The University requires that all applicants complete those fields designated as required with meaningful information. While your resume' may provide important additional information, it does not substitute for completion of these sections. Therefore, “See Resume’” will not be accepted as a response for these fields.

  • Completion of your initial application will take between 20-30 minutes. Therefore, it is recommended that you set aside sufficient time to complete the process before beginning.

  • Make certain you save your input information as you move from screen to screen in case you lose internet connection for some reason. Also, be aware that the online employment system has a “time out” feature if no key strokes are detected after 30 minutes. Therefore, it is best not to begin the process and then leave the system to attend to other matters without saving your input information or logging out.

  • Once you have completed your basic application, you may receive an on-screen message that you have not yet applied to any positions. That is because the University requires that you apply to specific positions during their open posting period. Make certain you proceed to applying for the specific position(s) for which you would like to be considered, and that you receive a confirmation code before logging out. If you do not receive a confirmation, your application status will be “Incomplete” and will not be allowed to move forth in the process.

Monitoring Your AU Job Search

Returning to the Online System

The next time you log onto www.auemployment.com the first screen you will see will be My AU Job Search. Here you will find your application history, showing the current status of all of the positions to which you have applied. This is the first place you need to check to monitor your application status. Here are the definitions for each of the statuses:

  • In Process: Your application has been received in AU Human Resources and is being screened by an Employment Specialist.

    Forwarded to Hiring Department: You meet minimum qualifications for this position and your application has been released to the hiring department for further consideration.

  • Not Selected: You are no longer under consideration for this position.

  • Interviews in Process: Interviews are being conducted at this time. No selection decision has been made.

  • Application Withdrawn: You have indicated via the system that you no longer wish to be considered for this position.

  • Incomplete – Finish Applying: You began the process of applying for this position but did not complete the process. Click the Complete link and follow the instructions carefully. When finished, your status should no longer be “Incomplete”.

Tips and Tricks for Navigating the System

We are continually updating the postings on the employment web site. However, that does not mean it is necessary for you to check the web site every day to ensure that you do not miss an employment opportunity. Any position for which we are accepting external applications must be posted for a minimum of 10 working days. Therefore, as long as you are monitoring the web site at least once a week you will be able to stay up-to-date with any job opportunities.

At the top of each column heading are triangles. These are actually sort keys. The default sort lists all open positions alphabetically by job title. To view any positions that have been added to the list since you last logged in, simply click the triangle in the Posting Date column. This will bring to the top of the list the most recently posted positions so that you can concentrate on the ones that have been posted since your last visit to the site.

Applying to New Positions

It is imperative that you review your application each time you apply to a new position to ensure that all information contained in your most recently saved application is still accurate and up-to date.

Failure to provide up-to-date information on your application may result in the hiring department having difficulty contacting you, your not getting full credit for your most recent work history, or your application not being forwarded to the hiring department. If your information does need to be revised, click the Edit Application link on the left side of the screen, making sure you save all edits and recertify your application.

Once you apply to a position, you cannot revise your application. Therefore, it is important that you edit your application before applying to specific positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have forgotten your password, click on the "I Forgot My User Name/Password" link and this should walk you thru how to reset your Password. If you continue to have difficulties, please contact us via e-mail at working@auburn.edu or call AU HR at (334) 844-4145.
The web site contains the most up-to-date information on searches. Our hiring departments are allowed up to six months after the posted review date to make a selection decision.
Absolutely. As long as the position is posted on our web site, we are accepting applications. However, you need to act quickly as once we are past the review date the posting is subject to being removed at any time. Once we remove a posting from the web site, no additional applications will be accepted.
All searches are subject to being closed on their review date as of the University’s official close of business for that day, usually 4:45 pm. Therefore, if you do not discover a posted position until its review date you need to act quickly. Once the position is no longer posted, we cannot accept any applications.

The university receives thousands of applications each year, and the competition for jobs at Auburn is very keen. Please understand that we have many more applicants than job opportunities, and it is not uncommon for us to have close to 200 applicants for many of our posted positions.

University policy only requires that a minimum of three applicants be interviewed for each posted position. Our hiring supervisors must make and justify their selection decisions based upon which applicant’s background best matches the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for that specific job. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a person to apply many, many times before they are successful in being interviewed and selected for employment with the University.

First, a complete application makes a very positive impression. Many applicants make the mistake of being very cryptic in their responses on the official application, relying on the hiring department to focus on their resume'.

What they don’t realize is that the department may interpret that as them not wanting to put forth any more effort than is minimally required. And if someone is not willing to put forth any effort on their application form to get a job, the department may be concerned that they won’t see much greater effort once they’re on the
job! So don’t short-change yourself by only completing the required fields on the application. And feel free to utilize copy and paste from your resume’. Repeating information in your application documents is not a problem, but not at least putting forth the effort may be sending the wrong message.

Secondly, we always recommend that you compose a unique cover letter for each position to which you apply. While the information on your basic application and resume’ will remain mostly unchanged, your cover letter gives you the opportunity to express your understanding of the requirements of the position you are seeking and to highlight the areas of your experience which would be most vital to success in this new role. For example, the cover letter you might submit for a position where the primary function is budget management should be quite different from one you would submit for a position in program development. In each case you want the reader to focus on what you’ve done in the past that is most similar to the position being filled.

Finally, always double-check your submitted documents for typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors. You always want to put your best foot forward, and also send the message that you have a keen eye for detail and take great pride in the quality of everything that you do.

Temporary Employment Services

Auburn University operates its own Temporary Employment Services. Many of our current employees began their careers at Auburn University via TES assignments.

If you are interested in being considered for temporary employment while you continue your job search, simply log onto www.auemployment.com and click on Create Qualifications Profile. Be sure to indicate that you are available for Temporary employment, and then answer the battery of questions listed.

By indicating you are available for Temporary employment, this will result in your information being available for query when TES receives requests for temporary assistance from our departments across campus.

Last updated: 01/14/2020