Flexible Spending Account

Important: If you have a qualifying event, you may make changes by completing a mid-year change form within 45 days of the event. Please submit the completed form to Payroll and Benefits via the Secure Document Upload website  on the HR website, or mail the paper form to AU Human Resources, 1550 East Glenn Ave, Auburn, AL 36849.

Please email benefit@auburn.edu or you may call Gary Gray, Assistant Benefit Manager, (334) 844-4122 with any questions. Additional information on FSA accounts is also available on the AUHR website.


Yes, you will need to submit manual claims with the proper documentation for reimbursement. The claim form is available online at https://www.wageworks.com/.

Yes, you may use your FSA debit card for most OTC drugs. 

The Eligible Product List was updated to include OTC drugs and medicines on April 15, 2020. After the initial April 15 release, merchants will work to identify additional products that are not included in the current list. Expect significant monthly updates with merchants for several months as products are added. 

As merchants update the lists, FSA debit cards will allow you to use your FSA debit card and auto-substantiate for OTC medication and menstrual care products at the point of sale. In instances where the list may not be updated for a specific product you can pay out of pocket and submit a receipt for reimbursement.   

Dependent Care

Yes, you may stop your dependent care election for the remainder of the calendar year.

The FSA for dependent care is for daycare expenses, which allows you and your spouse to work. If your spouse is not working, you are not eligible to participate in the account and you will need to end your election.

That is a qualifying event, and thus, you will be allowed to reenroll in the dependent care account.

The dependent care account may be used to cover “indirect” expenses if the employee is required to pay the expenses in order to obtain the related care. However, such expenses will not be for the care of a qualifying individual if the care is not ultimately received. Consequently, indirect expenses cannot be reimbursed until the related care is provided (i.e., after the child returns to the daycare), at which time the indirect (retainer) fees may be reimbursed. If the child does not return to the same provider, the fees will not qualify. 

You may reduce your annual election due to the qualifying event of summer day camp cancellation.

Based on the change in providers, you have a qualifying event to reduce your annual election for the remainder of the calendar year.

Last updated: 11/17/2020