Performance Management

  • At Auburn University, the performance year/review period is from June 1 until May 31. 

  • For most departments, the deadline to submit Performance Reviews to the Human Resources Liaison for the current performance year will be in late June.  (Supervisors and managers should confirm the deadline with their Liaison.)   

  • Reviews are required for all regular full-time and part-time employees.

Performance Management Forms

Based on the feedback that we received from supervisors, employees, and campus leadership, we have created a new review form which may be used beginning with the 2018-19 performance year.  

  • This is a shorter and simpler form that gives supervisors more options. We believe this form will also facilitate more opportunities for a supervisor and an employee to communicate year-round.

  • This new form allows supervisors to rate job duties or responsibilities, goals, and/or developmental needs identified from the previous year -- all in the same place and in the same form.

  • There is a new five-point scale, rather than a four-point scale, for rating job duties or responsibilities, goals, or developmental needs.

  • Supervisors can now easily choose to cut and paste from a list of Observed Behaviors. These behaviors not only have definitions, but also have examples of what supervisors would observe as contributing to the success, or lack thereof, of the employee achieving the expected outcomes established for the performance period.

  • There is also a place for the supervisor and employee to discuss development opportunities for the upcoming year.

  • We will offer this new form until we convert to an electronic system.

  • Departments/divisions may use the new Performance Review Form or the updated Performance Management Planning and Review Form (traditional), which also features a five-point scale. Check with your Department/Division leadership, or HR Liaison, before deciding on which form to use. Keep on the lookout for additional information that may be forthcoming.

  • New Performance Review Form Guide and interactive introduction is available for those who would like additional information on the new form.

Other forms

Supervisor/Manager Resources

A good place for supervisors and managers to start when preparing for performance reviews is the employee’s job description, past performance reviews, and development plans.  When reviewing an employee’s job performance, supervisors and managers should be specific about accomplishments, objectives, and areas for improvement.

In 2017, Human Resources published three Good to Know! articles for supervisors and managers regarding performance reviews:

Employee Resources

For More Information

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Last updated: 02/28/2019