ACA Preventive Drug List 

HSA Preventive Drug List

In 2024, prescription drug co-payment tiers will remain the same.

Co-Pays for 2024

Prescription Tier

AU Employee Pharmacy



Tier 1

No co-pay



Tier 2




Tier 3




Tier 4




Tier 5

Employees pay 25% co-insurance, a maximum of $800 per prescription.

* CVS/Target has chosen to remain a non-preferred pharmacy in 2024.

TigerMeds and the HDHP

If you choose to keep the current PPO plan, TigerMeds® will remain the same and prescription copays will continue as in 2023. But if you choose to enroll in the new HDHP, you will pay the full retail price for your prescriptions until you reach the deductible.

  • A limited amount of preventative medications will be covered under TigerMeds® prior to reaching your deductible. These include specific medications for heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, contraception, bone density, respiratory diseases, SSRIs for depression/anxiety, as well as diabetic devices and supplies.

  • After you reach the deductible, TigerMeds®will kick in and prescription copays will return to previous amounts as in 2023.

  • The deductible is inclusive of both pharmacy and medical expenses.

Ways to Save: Utilize the AU Employee Pharmacy

You can save money on each prescription co-pay just by utilizing an in-network preferred pharmacy.

There are many in-network preferred pharmacies in Alabama, including the Auburn University Employee Pharmacy. The Employee Pharmacy offers many prescriptions for no copay through TigerMeds and is easy to access from most areas of campus. Convenient parking spaces are located on War Eagle Way, and the pharmacy also offers free on-campus delivery within 48 hours for prescription requests received by 4:45 p.m.

The Employee Pharmacy is one of the only pharmacies in Lee County and the only one in Auburn that serves customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the on-call service. The Employee Pharmacy is located at 2155 Walker Building (inside the Harrison College of Pharmacy). For more information call 844-8938 or email

Last updated: 10/12/2023