Additional Insurance Products

Additional Insurance Products

Auburn University offers voluntary insurance products during Open Enrollment:

Review these options below, and then either enroll online via AU Access, contact the PWS Call Center at 833-203-4283 or schedule an online meeting with a benefits enroller.

Group Cancer Insurance

Two cancer insurance plan options are offered through Colonial Life:

Both plans are guaranteed issue regardless of health status. Both plans are employee paid and payroll-deducted. Cancer insurance will:

  • Help pay some of the direct and indirect costs related to cancer diagnosis and treatment;

  • Help pay for expenses health insurance may not cover, such as deductibles, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket expenses; and

  • Pay the insured an annual benefit for specified cancer screening tests such as mammograms, prostate screening exams, etc.

Level 2

Self Family
Biweekly $6.39 $10.66
Monthly $13.85 $23.10
18-Pay $9.23 $15.40

Level 3

Self Family
Biweekly $10.41 $17.31
Monthly $22.55 $37.50
18-Pay $15.03 $25.00

Group Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance through Colonial Life is guaranteed issue and provides a lump-sum benefit to help cover the following if an employee or a family member suffers a heart attack, stroke, or other illness:

  • Deductibles, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket expenses;

  • Lost income;

  • Home health care needs;

  • Rehabilitation;

  • Travel and lodging; and

  • Child care.

The benefit amounts employees can choose from are $10,000 or $30,000. The benefit is paid directly to the insured and can be used for medical or non-medical related expenses one might encounter as a result of going thru one of the covered medical events. The policy can be purchased for employee, employee plus spouse, one-parent family or two-parent family. 

Life Insurances

Auburn offers whole life and term life insurance plans to eligible full-time employees. Review these options below, and then either enroll online via AU Access, contact the PWS Call Center at 833-203-4283, or schedule an online meeting with a benefits enroller.

Whole life insurance through Colonial Life provides guaranteed features – cash value accumulation, premium rates, and a death benefit (minus any loans and loan interest). It offers guaranteed issue protection, premiums, and cash value. Guaranteed issue (GI) is available to all employees with the following face amounts:

  • Age 18-50, $150,000;

  • Age 51-60, $75,000; and

  • Age 61-79, $25,000. 

The benefit pays a lump sum death benefit, builds guaranteed cash value and is paid for with level premiums that never increase (ends at age 100). 

Term life insurance through The Standard can be used to provide financial security for an employee and their loved ones. This money can help pay for things like the mortgage, college tuition, child-care costs, or daily living expenses. 

Evidence of Insurability (completion of a medical history statement) will be needed in order to enroll in or increase Voluntary Term Life Insurance and/or Spousal Term Life Insurance. 

  • All eligible employees receive employer provided Basic Term Life Insurance, free of charge, one times annual base salary up to a maximum of $35,000.

  • Optional Term Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage for employee, spouse/sponsored adult dependent, or child/sponsored child dependent is available and paid for by the employee.

  • An employee can purchase life insurance for up to five times their annual earnings (the benefit limit is $450,000).

  • An employee may apply for Spouse Term Life Insurance in multiples of $10,000, from $10,000 to $100,000, for their spouse/sponsored adult dependent.

  • An employee may elect a Child Life Insurance benefit for their child/sponsored child dependent of $5,000 or $10,000.

  • Optional Term Life Insurance is guaranteed if the employee enrolls during the first 30 days following initial eligibility. If an employee rejects the optional insurance during the first 30 days and decides later to apply for coverage, he/she may apply for coverage at any time by completing a medical history statement. Approval of the delayed application is not guaranteed and is subject to the approval of the underwriter.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

LTD insurance coverage through The Standard is provided to all full-time, benefit-eligible employees who have been employed at least one year, at no cost to the employee.

  • During Open Enrollment, eligible employees may also purchase an additional 10% of coverage (in addition to the Auburn provided LTD coverage) at affordable group rates. Evidence of Insurability (completion of a medical history statement) will be needed to add the additional long-term disability benefit coverage.

  • For new employees: During Open Enrollment, employees within their first year of employment may purchase LTD coverage which is guaranteed issue at affordable group rates.

Last updated: 03/19/2021