Required and Special Important Notices

Required and Special Important Notices


The Auburn University Health Plan, the Auburn University Dental Plan, the Auburn University Vision Plan, and the Auburn University Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Plan (collectively referenced in these notices as the "Plan") are regulated by numerous federal and state laws. Many of these laws require that all eligible employees be provided with annual notices describing certain rights of the participants in the Plan, or certain features contained within the benefits the Plan provides.

These notices are important to you and you should review them carefully. If you have any questions, please contact either Human Resources at 334-844-4183, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama (the Plan Administrator for the Health and Dental Plans) at 800-633-8052, Superior Vision (the Plan Administrator of the Vision Plan) at 800-507-3800, or WageWorks (the Plan Administrator for the FSA Plan) at 800-257-0986. 

Plan Contact Information

Information about the Plan may be obtained at either of the addresses or phone numbers below:
Payroll & Employee Benefits
1550 East Glenn Avenue
Auburn, AL 36849


Plan Administrator, or TPA (Health and Dental):
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Attn: Customer Accounts
450 Riverchase Parkway East
Birmingham, AL 35298-0001


Plan Administrator, or TPA (Vision):
Superior Vision Services, Inc.
P. O. Box 967
Rando Cordova, CA 95741


Plan Administrator, or TPA (FSA):
WageWorks, Inc.
3101 Sessions Rd
Tallahassee, FL 32303


This contact information for the Plan may change from time to time. The most recent information will be included in the Plan's most recent summary plan description (if you do not have a copy, you may request one from Payroll & Employee Benefits).

Benefits Booklet

Benefit Booklets for the Auburn University health, welfare and retirement plans are available on the Payroll & Employee Benefits web site under the section for each plan.
If you're unable to access Payroll & Employee Benefits' website, you may request printed copies of the summary plan descriptions from Human Resources. For more information, please call the 334-844-4183.


Last updated: 06/20/2018