Service Dates

Service Dates

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  • Current Hire: This is the date that the employee was hired in this most recent affiliation with the university. (Ex., 01-JUNE-2018) It is used for the I-9 date unless there is a break in service such as a termination.

  • Original Hire: This indicates the date the employee was originally hired with the university. (Ex., 01-JUNE-2018)

Note: The Original Hire date does not change when the employee transfers from one Employee Class to another, or when rehired subsequent to termination.

  • Adjusted Service: This indicates the date of the most recent hire less years of prior service for determining a nonexempt employee’s accrual rate for annual leave. (Ex., 01-JUNE-2018) – HR Records calculates.

  • Seniority: This indicates the date from which to calculate service to the university. This date is used to determine the employee’s total years of service with the university (used for service awards). (Ex., 01-June-2018)

Note: This may be a date reflecting a break in service, in which case it would be chronologically earlier than the Current Hire date.

  • First Work Date: This indicates the date on which the employee is eligible for benefits. (Ex., 01-June-2018)

  • Last Work Date: This is automatically populated with date of termination. This date is also the retirement date and does not change if the employee is rehired in a part-time capacity.

Source: CT300 manual 3/2019

Last updated: 05/07/2021