Roommate Information

Students living on campus have the opportunity to indicate on their housing application who they would like to room with.

Finding a Roommate

Students wishing to search for a roommate may search on their own through various social media platforms or they may use RoomSync, a roommate matching application. Once you have completed your housing application, a RoomSync link will be included in the application confirmation email.

Requesting a Roommate

Once you have decided on a roommate, you will add your preferred roommate to your housing application under the Edit Application link located on your housing student portal. To be considered roommates, you and your preferred roommate must both request each other. Please remember that roommate pairs must both be eligible for the same room selection round.

Information you will need:

  • Correct spelling of your roommate's first and last name (as it appears on the housing application).
  • Your roommate's Auburn Username (global ID)

If you are the first person to make the roommate request and your roommate has not completed a housing application, you will be told that your roommate has not applied. Do not panic. Review your application later and make sure your roommate's application has been submitted. You can log back into your housing student portal and edit your application until January 31, 2019.

Getting Your Requested Roommate

Auburn University Housing cannot guarantee that you will be able to room with a specific roommate but we will do our best to honor requests whenever possible. For the best chance of getting your preferred roommate:

  • Make sure you have both requested each other as a roommate and the pair has been confirmed.
  • Both students should have applied within the same room selection round.
Last Updated: May 20, 2019