Senate Meeting: October 18, 2022
A Panopto recording for this meeting is available.
Please refer to recording for details not included in the minutes.
Presentations are available from the agenda for the meeting.

Attendance Record at the end of the minutes.

A quorum was established, with 56 Senators.  56 Senators responded to the quorum poll.

The Chair called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm. The Chair gave attendees an overview of the basic procedures for the Zoom meeting format and then began the meeting. First, he introduced the members of the Senate Executive Committee and the Senate Steering Committee. 

Corrections were noted from Dean Jeffery Fairbrother about the Senate transcript. Approval of the minutes from September 20, 2022, with 
No other objections or corrections were raised, and the minutes were approved.

The Chair invited the AU Administrators to make remarks.

Chris Roberts, Auburn University President Remarks:
President Roberts welcomed everyone and mentioned that he has been enjoying visiting the academic departments from which he is benefiting and learning from each visit. He commented that during this enrollment season, AU received more than 17,000 applications, which is higher than last year. Dr. Roberts noted two faculty members would be added to the Enrollment Management Council. This committee serves Dr. Damon and advises the President's office about admissions.

Dr. Roberts discussed the endowment of over $1,000,000,000 at this time. He continued by saying that revenues would be used to include professorships, scholarships, and academic programs. 

President Roberts discussed the Office of Advancement, which houses the Development, Alumni Affairs, and Communications; there is an ongoing effort to build Auburn University Advancement model by searching for a new chief of communications officer. He stated that a professional firm would be used to help with the search.

Dr. Roberts shared information about the new Cummins Research Park in Huntsville, Alabama. This facility will support Auburn and the community in the area as a great resource. Finally, Dr. Roberts concluded his remarks.

The Chair thanked Dr. Roberts and asked Interim Provost Nathan to share her comments. 


Vini Nathan, Auburn University Interim Provost Remarks:

Provost Nathan made two announcements; the announcement from AU News spoke of an internal search for an Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, and the second, the Commencement speaker for December 9, 2022, will be Dr. Simona Black, who is a graduate of AU College of Nursing. December 10, 2022, will have individual colleges' graduation ceremonies. This concluded remarks for Dr. Nathan.

The Chair then asked if there were questions and recognized Diana Samek.
Diana Samek asked a question about the search for a permanent Provost and whether Interim Provost Vini Nathan can apply for Provost.

President Roberts commented that there is no search for Provost as several searches are in the process now.

The Chair recognized a question from Hans Werner Van Wyk; What are Auburn's efforts to continue to attract international graduate students, international post-doctoral students, and visiting scholars?
Dr. Nathan responded by saying that in terms of faculty hiring and post-doctoral students, the University is beginning to look at bringing people from all over the world and that Andy Gillespie is assisting the units in the University with this issue.

Information Items
 Report on New Senate Officer Nomination Committee (NSON)
 Presenter: Don Mulvaney, Chair of NSON and a Past Chair of AU Senate.
Don Mulvaney spoke to the nominating committee being formed, which complies with the handbook's guidelines and bylaws. A notice had been sent out, as articulated in the attached letter, Letter (pdf), identifying the committee and pertinent information about the election of officers and the nominating processes.
NSON Committee members:
 Don Mulvaney (Chair)
 Dean Schwartz, College of Vet Med
 Cheryl Seals, College of Engineering
 David Martin, College of Human Sciences
 Michael Baginski, College of Engineering
 Elizabeth Davis-Sramek, College of Business


Auburn University Annual Budget (Fiscal Year Ending September 20, 2023)
 Presenter: Kelli Shomaker, Senator from VP Business & Finance/CFO.
Kelli Shomaker gave a synopsis of the September 30, 2023, fiscal year budget. The Board of Trustees (BOT) approved this budget at the September meeting. The Fiscal 23 budget is an overall Auburn University budget of 1.6 billion, which includes all four divisions of the University. The main campus budget of 1,3 million is 84.7%, Auburn University Montgomery, is 6.9% or 110.5 million, Alabama Cooperative Extension Service is 7.4 million, and the Agriculture Experiment Station is 63.2 million. Therefore, the fiscal year 23 budget of 1.593 billion is 64.2 million larger than our fiscal year 22 budget or a 4.2% increase. After presenting a breakdown of all revenues, Shomaker concluded her presentation.
The Chair entertained questions. Duha Tore Altinday asked a question related to the budget. How much of the 1.6 billion budget is allocated to athletics in general?
Kelly shared that you can find all of the details of the Auburn University budget on the Auburn University Budget Office web page. To answer the question of how much of the budget is allocated to athletics - $119 million.
The Chair asked if there were other questions. No other questions, then the Chair moved to the action item: a vote on a motion made by Senators Hartfield and Stern on a new background check policy.

Action Item

Vote on Motion made by Senators Hartfield and Stern on New Background Check Policy
Presenter: Mark Carpenter, Chair
The Chair asked Senator Hartfield to introduce the Motion and begin the debate. Senator Hartfield noted that the Motion asked the administration to engage in shared governance on policies that affect faculty in profound ways. Hartfield asked that the administration officials look at the policy and find appropriate ways to develop a better policy on the policy that would have the backing of the Senate. Information on the policy can be found on the link and pdf below.
Hartfield/Stern Motion (pdf)
 Background Check pdf link
The Chair asked if anyone had a question from the administration and if anyone wanted to speak on the pros and cons of the Motion.
The Chair recognized Counsel Jamie Hammer. Counsel Hammer shared some observations about the resolution. Counsel Hammer is concerned about the underpinnings of the resolution itself. She thought there were misstatements or misleading statements in the whereas clauses for the resolution. Jammie Hammer shared a significant discussion as it was outlined in the handbook and wanted to state that the adoption of policy on the policy followed the appropriate university process.
Dr. Roberts commented he is interested in having a policy that keeps the community safe. Discussions have been made earlier about how the discussion on the language should move forward. 
Much discussion was made about when the policy was received, and Jammie Hammer made the final comment that facts and timelines about the policy shared were inaccurate.
Without more debate on the Motion, the Chair asked if everyone was ready for the question and can we proceed to the vote.
The Chair opened the vote. The results were 58 responses, with 22 yes, 29 no, and seven abstaining. Therefore the Motion was not carried.
President Roberts ask to make comments. Dr. Roberts shared that regardless of the outcome of this vote, it was our full intention to continue our dialog. President Roberts wants to make sure that there are policies that serve all.
The Chair asked if there was any new business. 

New Business

 Senate Chair adjourned the meeting at 5:07 pm

Senate Meeting Participants - October 18, 2022

Senate Officers
Mark Carpenter                                Chair
Lisa Kensler                                      Chair-elect
Lucretia (Octavia) Tripp                    Secretary
Linda Gibson-Young                          Secretary-elect
Dan Svyantek Immediate Past-Chair

Kelli Shomaker                                  VP for Bus & Fin & CFO
Arthur Appel, sub for
Paul Patterson                                  Dean, College of Agriculture
George Flowers                                Dean, Graduate School
Bobby Woodard                               SVP for Student Affairs
Jeffrey Fairbrother                           Dean, College of Education
Todd Steury sub for
Janaki Alavalapati                             Dean, College of Forestry, Wildlife, and the Environment
Calvin Johnson                                  Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine

Absent without substitute:
James Weyhenmeyer          VP Research
Greg Newschwander            Dean, College of Nursing

Ex-Officio Members
Vini Nathan                                       Interim Provost
Shali Zhang                                       Dean of Libraries
Coleman Turnipseed sub for
Jake Haston                                      SGA President
Makeda Nurradin                             GSC President
Evelyn Hunter                                   Steering Committee
Arianne Gaetano sub for
Danilea Werner                                Steering Committee
Robert Norton                                  Steering Committee

Absent without substitute: Highlight in BLUE
Ashley Reid                           Staff Council Chair
Clint Lovelace                       A&P Assembly Chair
Robert Cochran                    Steering Committee

Senators by Departments
Andy McLelland sub for
Elizabeth (Lisa) Miller                       Accountancy
Roy Hartfield                                    Aerospace Engineering
Mary (Molly) Gregg                          ACES
Jacek Wower                                    Animal Sciences
Vinicia Biancardi                               Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology
Kevin Moore                                     Architecture
Katherine Arpen, sub for
Lauren Woods                                  Art
James Birdsong                                Aviation
Anthony Moss                                  Biological Sciences
Regina Gramling                               Business Analytics and Information Systems
Wei Zhan                                          Chemistry
J. Brian Anderson                             Civil Engineering
Kevin Smith                                      Communication and Journalism
Peter Weber                                    Consumer & Design Sciences
David Han                                         Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences
Christine (Chris) Schnittka                Curriculum & Teaching
Murali Dhanasekaran                       Drug Discovery and Development
Liliana Stern                                     Economics
Sunny Stalter-Pace                           English
John Beckmann                                Entomology & Plant Pathology
Damion McIntosh                            Finance
Zhaofei (Joseph) Fan                        Forestry, Wildlife, and the Environment
David King                                        Geology & Geography
Kimberly Garza                                 Health Outcomes Research and Policy
Zachary Schulz                                  History
Diana Samek                                    Human Development & Family Studies
Christopher (Brooks) Mobley           Kinesiology
Kasia Leousis                                    Library
Liesl Wesson                                    Management and Entrepreneurship
Jeremy Wolter                                 Marketing
Hans Werner van Wyk                    Mathematics and Statistics
Lee Johnson                                      Music
Kevin Huggins                                   Nutritional Sciences
David Mixson                                    Outreach
Peter Christopherson                       Pathobiology
Lena McDowell                                Pharmacy Practice
Jennifer Lockhart                              Philosophy
Luca Guazzotto                                Physics
Peter White                                      Political Science
Samuel Rochell sub for
Amit Morey                                      Poultry Science
Alejandro A. Lazarte                         Psychology
Rebecca Curtis                                 Special Ed. Rehab. Counseling/School Psych
Gregory Spray sub for
Laura Plexico                                    Speech Language and Hearing Sciences
David Strickland                                Supply Chain Management (new)
LTC, Laura Fryar                               ROTC Army
Captain, Matthew Roberts               ROTC Naval
Janice Clifford                                   Socio/Anthro/Social Work
Adrienne Wilson                               Theatre
Robert Cole                                      Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Zachary Zuwiyya                               World Lang & Literatures

Absent without substitute:
Valentina Hartarska              Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology
David Blersch                       Biosystems Engineering
Mark Tatum                         Building Sciences
Bryan Beckingham               Chemical Engineering
Shehenaz Shaik                     Computer Science & Software Engineering
Andrew Pendola                   Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology
Michael Baginski                   Electrical & Computer Engineering
Nathan Whelan                    Fisheries & Allied Aquaculture
Elina Coneva                         Horticulture
Clark Danderson                   Hospitality Mgmt.
Ben Bush                              Industrial Design
Rich Sesek                            Industrial and Systems Engineering
Sabit Adanur                         Mechanical Engineering
Chris Martin                         Nursing
LTC, Michael Quinn              ROTC Air Force