University Writing Committee

The committee shall work with the Office of University Writing to develop common principles and guidelines for incorporating intentional and significant writing experiences into every major. The committee will regularly review how programs provide writing instruction beyond the core curriculum and how they assess writing relevant to their discipline and forward their recommendations regarding any new courses or changes in curriculum to the Curriculum Committee for final approval. In addition, the committee will analyze assessment data on writing, and make recommendations to departments, the Office of University Writing, and the University Senate as appropriate.

Continuing/Ex-officio [non-voting]:     
Director of University Writing

Director or designee from First-year Composition
Director or designee from the Office of Academic Assessment
Representative or designee from the Curriculum Committee
Representative or designee from the Graduate School

Voting members follow:

One faculty member from each college
One representative from the faculty of the University Libraries
The Ralph "Shug" Jordan Professor of Writing

Undergraduate student:            
One undergraduate student nominated by the Student Government Association

Graduate student:            
One graduate student nominated by the Graduate Student Council

The faculty members will serve 3-year rotating terms

Web page maintained by University Writing:


  • Co-Chair, Chris Basgier, Associate Director of University Writing – Continuing, non-voting
  • Co-Chair, Miriam Marty Clark, Ralph "Shug" Jordan Professor of Writing – 2025

  • Lydia Wilkes, Director of First-year Composition – Continuing, non-voting
  • Dory Thompson, Assistant Director of the Office of Academic Insight – Continuing, non-voting
  • Suzanne Hunter, Designee from Curriculum Committee – Continuing, non-voting
  • Maria Witte, Graduate School – Continuing, non-voting



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