Auburn University Senate
October 18, 2022
Via Zoom  

meeting will open 15 minutes prior for signing in early if you care to do so.


Establish a Quorum

Approval of minutes for the Senate meeting of September 20, 2022

Remarks and Announcements on University Matters
University Senate Chair: Mark Carpenter     
President: Chris Roberts
Interim-Provost: Vini Nathan

Information Items
Report on New Senate Officer Nomination Committee (NSON)
Presenter: Don Mulvaney, Chair of NSON and a Past Chair, AU Senate.

Letter (pdf)

NSON Committee members:
Don Mulvaney (Chair)
Dean Schwartz, College of Vet Med
Cheryl Seals, College of Engineering
David Martin, College of Human Sciences
Michael Baginski, College of Engineering
Elizabeth Davis-Sramek, College of Business

Auburn University Annual Budget (Fiscal Year Ending September 20, 2023)
Presenter: Kelli Shomaker, Senator from VP Business & Finance/CFO.

2023 Budget Presentation (pdf)

Action Item
Vote on Motion made by Senators Hartfield and Stern on New Background Check Policy
Presenter: Mark Carpenter, Chair

Hartfield/Stern Motion (pdf)
Background Check pdf link

New Business
Mark Carpenter, Senate Chair

Mark Carpenter, Senate Chair